Who is reading the nurturing career mama blog and what they had to say

polling station

Image by secretlondon123 via Flickr

This is a summary of the results from the poll a couple of weeks ago. 

Thanks to all of you who got involved and sorry if you got my rather bossy follow-up post and took it offensively (that was meant to be humourous rather than out-of-line) . Lets put that don’t to lessons learned shall we? 


The average age of a reader on this blog is: 33 

Topics of most interest where: funny stories 

What you asked for more of where: challenges on being a mother 

Average number of children if you have any: 1

Saboteur not included
I did not include the naughty person who attempted to sabotage the results by responded twice, and on the second time round stated that he had ‘5 or more kids’ and was over 61! Apparently it was in response to my less friendly request to fill out the poll. It really made me laugh though, and he did kindly admit to it, so all is forgiven.


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