The injustice of a summer cold – numb senses but the nappy nasties manage to get through

How is this right? Last week I had a raging cold and I couldn’t smell anything, but somehow my smell receptors were still awake to the honk of a dirty nappy – is this a special survival thing that parents are made with?

Its unbelievably frustrating, the silver lining of a cold surely should be that I couldn’t smell the nasties that babe had brewed up for me – but not so 😦

I attempted to feed my cold with yummy not so healthy chocolate and cakes, that ended up tasting like cardboard because my sense of taste had been put on stand-by mode.

And I couldn’t smell anything like the lavender outside or the fish and chips in the oven (because I couldn’t be bothered to cook proper wholesome food). But that god awful smell of a dirt nappy managed to slip through the net to assault my senses.

Our latest chocolate collection on the kitchen cat walk


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