What’s your best birthday memories?

Well I’m another year older today, in fact its a mildly milestone-ish birthday as I’ve turned 30 – so long twenties.

It’s no big deal to me to be honest, just an excellent excuse to convince hubby that I deserve an extra special pressie this year – and it worked. I’ve got my longed for doggy Radley handbag at last. And he even got me a professionally baked and decorated birthday cake last week and this morning I’ve woken to balloons too (plus some other nice girly things like Neil’s Yard toiletries and clothes).

Babe, the cake and I "get your hands out of there little legs"


But it got me thinking and reflecting while I was driving back in the rain, the 80 miles from my office home again last night; about the memorable birthday’s that I’ve had over the years. And I thought it would be a great chance to get your involved in sharing yours too. So here are mine:

16 Disappointing
A car boot on Sunday morning, was not the kind of birthday excitement I was hoping for. I was also suffering from teenage hormonal malaise, which didn’t help the cause.

17 Cider, Spice Girls and Chinese Takeaway
Does anymore need to be said?!

18 White Water Rafting
All was going well, until we realised we were one friend down. Poor Geoff was being swept off down the river and we’d failed to notice his lack of presence or wailing mass drifting into the horizon.

19 Bristol first night out as a student
Paid with a £10 for one drink in a bar, got £17 something change…I knew I was going to like this city.

21 London, mussels and cocktails
Very drunk, can’t recall much, just tipping my fries into my 1kg keg of mussels.

23 – Night at Padstow and Rick Steins
Hubby (then BF) treated me to a night in Padstow and a meal at Rick Steins restaurant, I showed my appreciation by throwing it all up at 11pm – too much wine and the killer, brandy.

24 – Canadian Rockies
Must have been in British Columbia somewhere, one amazing holiday.

30 – Stretching it out
I actually started celebrating my birthday last week, for a week-long camping trip in my homeland – the Derbyshire Dales. And it should last at least until Sunday now, as we have agreed to meet up with JC (not some rap artist, but Jean and Colin, hubbys lovely aunt and uncle) – so much for the quiet weekend I’d told my friend who-d asked to meet up (sorry Debs).

Holidaying in the Derbsyhire Dales - Celebrating my 30th


So what are you best or maybe worst, birthday memories?


2 thoughts on “What’s your best birthday memories?

  1. WillowSayahandI says:

    Best birthday memory – My husband and I used to work in the same office so at every hour on the hour my hubby would produce a little wrapped pressie and pass it to me over the desk !! How cute is that ? It’s my 30th next month so lets see what surprises hubby gives me this time.

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