Stop when a bad day starts

Every so often you begin the day and its all wrong, and it doesn’t get any better – it gets worse and worse. And you wish you’d just stayed in bed…not that that is ever an option when you have kids (but you can theoretically aspire to this). Last Monday was one of those days, it was the third day into a week camping trip in the Derbyshire Dales site seeing and visiting family.

Not sure what my mood was like when I woke up, but the experience in the shower was going to set the tone for the day….

Taking a cold shower
I’d palmed babe off onto hubby while I dived off to take my first shower of the holiday. Urgh yuk, yes, the last time I’d showered was Saturday morning, I needed to freshen up. Before I go on, I would like to explain that not showering everyday is not standard practice, although it’s a bit more common when I’m camping. I might stretch it to a day and a half – hey, I’m camping for goodness sake, I’m never going to achieve the polished look anyway (although I never do at home either).

Well I’d gone off to the shower and pressed the push button (like you do in the swimming baths – argh how I hate these water saving showers). The water runs just warm, hmm, that’s a bit rubbish. My rationale at this point is that the hot water just needs to run through. So I dive under and slap shampoo on my hair, right about two seconds after this, the water runs cold…proper cold, no trace of warmth cold.

Ever the optimist, I am determined that the water will ‘come good’ and heat up shortly. So I stand next to the shower all wet and getting increasingly cold, repeatedly pressing that infernal button. After what seems like ten minutes, but was probably more like two, I realise that I am doomed to a cold shower.

Its been years since I had a cold shower, and I forgot how blooming awful it is. Those twenty seconds between grabbing the towel and drying I am usually cursing from the cold. This time, I was positively warm. Well that’s an overstatement, but everything being relative, I was pretty toastie.

Driving round doing nothing
So I was not happy, but to a degree enjoyed reveling in my misery with all the other pitying campers – “you’re not showering are you? I wouldn’t, the water is cold” said with blue lips. Nothing more needed to be said. I either got respect, or a whole bucket load of sympathy. But the net result never the less was, moody me.

Hubby then declared that he couldn’t tolerate the campsite anymore, being pitched next to the sess pit, and the terrible road noise at 6am of lorries from the local quarries thundering down the road. So we proceeded to spend the majority of the day, driving round from one campsite to another getting more and more disillusioned, and finally concluding that we may as well stay where we were. What a waste of valuable holiday time!

Curry cooked up in the rain
I had this marvelous idea, that we should cook a curry on the stove. Ever the optimist, I ignored what the Met Office said about weather warnings and rain at 6pm. At 5.50pm I suggested that with light rain, we’d be OK to get the stove out and get cooking. It all went terribly bad, hubby had to stand out in the pouring rain trying to keep the stove alight while trying to stop the rice from boiling over everywhere. He was seriously grumpy with me, and rightly so. I did offer to stand out in the rain, but I am a litttle accident prone and he wasn’t willing to trust me not to burn the tent down, set light to the car and cover the campsite in curry. To his credit, the curry turned out good.

I am very pleased to tell you though, that it all got so much better from there.

So what are your best bad day experiences?


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