Car parking rage

Plymouth Concrete Car Park

Image by boliston via Flickr

It will come to no surprise to you that I scorn upon people who unnecessarily use parent and child parking spaces, I was even more enraged when some white van driver nabbed my parking spot the other night. I’d indicated and had readied myself for the manoeuvre, when he (with woman and child) zoomed in full pelt into the space. So much for not swearing in front of the babe the speaking sponge.

F this, S that, B this, idiot….grr…how dare he…it went on… (as you can imagine).

I found the next available spot, hauled babe out the car and set off sprinting down the path towards the white van to set upon him with verbal abuse. I was deflated when I got there, the driver had run off into the store leaving his woman and daughter.

Hmm, it was hardly her fault that her total idiot of a partner had parked there
So I was left to just meekly explain that I was there first. Frustratingly she responded politely and apologised. I resumed my hunt for the much-needed bottle of wine, and it occurred to me during my hunt for the chilled cabinet (I wanted white you see and to drink it FAST – no time for the quick freeze), anyway it dawned upon me, that they shouldn’t be parked in that spot anyway. Why did they need the parent and child spot, if the child was just going to sit in the car (van).  So I got my skates on and headed back out ready to give them ‘what for’.

Much to my dismay, the man had returned and was quickly driving off – I think he’d seen me heading out the door and lead footed it, almost wheel spinning out of the car park.

The wrong doers in the disabled parking spaces
While I am on a car parking space moan, I’d like to add my total disgust for people who are not disabled, but park in disabled parking spaces. This is the #1 worse car park crime. It’s no excuse if you have super high heels on and can’t walk in them properly, that doesn’t say disabled, it just says ‘stupid cow’.

I implore you, to stand up to these people and even if you are rather meek and weedy in your moans, to make your complaints to them. Don’t let these people get away with it!

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