Share now…but not everything babe, please not your cold

Instilling the sharing mentality into babe (now 21 months) is something we are working hard on at the moment. But honestly, there are some things I’d rather not share, like half chewed up food, dirty nappies, bogies and the most pertinent to me today – cold’s.

Babe was hell bent on me getting her cold good and proper from the time she came home feeling groggy on Friday (yes I know, another cold in the last month). I always admit defeat immediately when babe gets ill, generally if she has a bug, I’m gonna get it too.

Owley and the crew have colds too

But I can usually fight it much better. Mmm, well babe was determined that I should get a good dose of sufferance this time around. She was hell bent on making sure that my body’s ability to fight the cold was at it lowest by keeping me up till midnight three nights in a row, not to mention treating me like the 24 hour cow on the job.

And just when I managed to get babe to sleep at a reasonable time last night, I couldn’t sleep because my nose was streaming and my head was splitting open at my sinuses.

I am grateful today for being a working mum, I’ve taken the day off work, spent half the morning in the bath – all while babe has been shipped off to the childminders. I do confess though, I only half changed out of my PJs to go out of the house and there is a part of me that is secretly enjoying this cold. What is it that they say, ‘feed a cold’. Well I’m embracing that concept whole heartedly.

Right, off for some nap time now.


2 thoughts on “Share now…but not everything babe, please not your cold

  1. Mark says:

    They say you can only get so many colds then you have had them all. Not sure myself about that one. But Sophie did get cold after cold and then fever and eat ache too on top but now she is 4 she gets less cold and less severe – although she did go to bed tonight with very husky voice – have to see if still there in the morning.
    Hang in there … It will get easier!

  2. […] Babe and I have stinking horrible colds, again, yes again. If anyone, exclaims to me ‘again’ (just one more time)…I am going to scream! You can see my post about  my cold less than two months ago in September […]

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