This morning’s panic at toddler medication mishap – big thanks to NHS Direct

I was bumbling around this morning in a coldy haze, trying to get Microsoft Outlook to work on my work laptop (unsuccessfully) when I looked round to babe who was chewing something. She had already finished her Shreddies, so I wondered if it was one of the sequins that she had tipped all over the bedroom floor yesterday.

Spit it out now child
She obediently spat out what she was munching on, and it turns out that it was the tablet that hubby had mislaid months ago. I’d been hunting for that and had assumed it must have been vacumed up. Where she had found it, I just don’t know.

I went into a panic, OMG; she’s eaten hubby’s stomach medication. Eekkk! And hubby wasn’t answering his darn mobile phone, typical.

I looked round to babe who continued to poddle around as normal. I half expected her to start foaming at the mouth and her face to have turned into a little puff ball; luckily she was displaying no such symptoms.

Hail to NHS Direct
I got straight onto the phone to NHS Direct and explained the situation. After quickly weighing babe and speaking to hubby to establish the tablet dosage, the lady concluded it was likely to be nothing to worry about. Phew!

Babe already has NHS Direct on speed dial

So mama’s if you’ve not already programmed the NHS Direct number into your phone, do it now its:

0845 4647

I have used them quite a few times now, and they are amazing! They must be saving the UK a fortune. Without them I would have spent the whole morning in AE, sweating, flapping and spreading my coldy germs over some other poor ill and panic stricken people.


2 thoughts on “This morning’s panic at toddler medication mishap – big thanks to NHS Direct

  1. Mark says:

    Yeah I used it to, many times.
    Shame they are planning to save money and get rid of it.
    Not sure what replacement will be but know there is plans for something cheaper…

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