Super mum, do you know when it’s time to slow down?

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

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Some people, ie people like me, are terrible at knowing when enough is enough, and gauging when it’s time to slow down.

You might look semi sane to onlookers, but those that know you really well, sense that you’re turning into Mrs Hyde (or is it Dr Jekyll? But you get my drift). But it is much easier said than done when you’ve got children. 

Do you need someone else to point it out to you that you are doing too much? Erm, yes I do. Deep down I kind of know, but there is no way I’m going to admit defeat…I’m a bit like the fighting knight in Monty Python’s Holy Grail, I’d keep going even when I’ve only got one arm left, if no one pointed out the destination that I was heading towards – nutter ville. 

But being a mum makes it more difficult, you have the responsibility to grow up and be more sensible and recognize when you’re pushing yourself too hard so that you don’t go crash landing into a heap of uncoping motherness. 

But then there are sometimes you don’t have a choice, you have to keep going – just get into survival mode. But no one can sustain that for long surely, super mum is a robot isn’t she? 

So this is what I’ve decided I should do in these situations: 

  • When I know I have a busy time at work coming up, don’t schedule too many personal commitments around it – I’m going to end up letting someone down along the line somewhere.
  • If I’ve been running in survival mode for more than a couple of weeks and can’t see a way out, I know I need to look at more drastic things that need to be changed in my lifestyle.
  • Talk more to my hubby, rather than just snapping at him for not helping…don’t revert to being Miss Crap Communicator (I confess I do…I get frustrated, resentful and then stop talking).
  • PRIORITISE – cancel appointments and don’t do things that are not urgent. Cleaning the bathroom can wait another week surely (what was I doing on Sunday afternoon after two nights being up till all hours with babe? You got it, cleaning the bathrooms).
  • Take a sick day off work when I need it. Working from home, I don’t tend to take many sick days, even if I feel rubbish. I kind of think, that somehow I can just plod on and get on with it. I might get through that day, but sometimes I know it would be just better for me to turn the darn laptop off and get some rest.

What are your top tips for making yourself slow down?


2 thoughts on “Super mum, do you know when it’s time to slow down?

  1. chickenruby says:

    It’s usually illness that makes me stop and re gather my thoughts, that and when I’ve fallen out with everyone with another one of my strops.

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