Three arn’t a crowd – the knitting needles and I are back together

We needed some space, I wasn’t giving them the time they needed. The time we did spend together was just resulting in arguments about interpreting pattern instructions and dropped stitches. We were no longer good for each other, I wasn’t getting that fulfilled, good results kind of feeling – the last bootee we’d created together went a bit wrong…I knew it was time for a break.

The bootee gone wrong - the source of our seperation


We’re back on though, after a period of separation, we are reunited and are again making sweet love stitches and woolens together. There were some rocky bits at the begining, but we’ve worked through it…well I’ve got back into the swing of it and we’re now getting on like a house on fire. 

Argh…cut this rubbish. What I’m trying to say is, I’m back into knitting – yay! 

The needles and I are reunited


I needed a motivation to get me back on the waggon and it came a couple of weeks ago when babe lost her adorable ear flap green hat that I knitted for her when I was pregnant. I was mortified (well not quite), and with winter coming I realised now was the chance. So my latest knitting project is another hat, shouldn’t be too big an item to bore me. I get easily bored when it comes to knitting you see. 

Free knitting patterns
Through a new friend found on twitter, I discovered a place to get free knitting patterns – it’s called Ravelry. In the end I didn’t use one of these, I went down to my local craft shop on Saturday and got a paid for pattern. I thought I needed some fool-proof instructions, before I braved it on something less comprehensive in direction. 


One thought on “Three arn’t a crowd – the knitting needles and I are back together

  1. Katie Pedley-Barrow says:

    I’m looking forward to the day I can start knitting again. Check out too, they’ve got some brilliant patterns!

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