Unfit and no motivation to make time for excersise

I have no time to excercise, well I guess if really wanted to I would make time. Argh, wouldn’t we all?

But with working full-time and wanting to spend as much quality time with my daughter as I can, a run or something doesn’t come into the equation anymore (not that it did a lot in the past). But at least before I had babe, I used to do more active hobbies at the weekend like hill walking and mountain biking.

Quality time with babe is more important to me

Hubby has got back into running within the last year, and it is doing him so much good – yes physically (no beer belly anymore), but more for the stress relief.

Hubby suggests that I might like to go out for a run ( eg at the weekends), and he could take care of ‘little legs’. But to be honest, if I have that spare time I’d much rather be making a nice cake…if I’ve run out of eggs, then a cookie comes second best. Kind of the contrary effect of doing excercise, but hey ho, it makes me happy.

Lucky for me, I have not turned into a lard arse. I have continued to stay my steady weight of nine stone something (between 9 – 11lbs) – a comfortable size 10/12 (which has been my steady weight for nearly the last ten years). I was fortunate not to gain any excess weight during pregnancy and the week after babe was born I was back down to my regular weight – but I have a tummy now. Sit ups…what are they? I’ll put up with the not so flat (flabby) tummy thanks. Yes tone, in general is an issue…but, what ever, can’t you tell I’m really not that bothered?

The Theory
Like every mother, my life is hectic. I’m juggling a full-time job, and everything else that comes with being a mum. You know the drill… So my theory is that I am burning off so many calories/fat dashing around trying to cram everything in, that a run is not required. Plus, I’m still the house cow, breastfeeding babe – which also consumes lots more calories,  meaning that I can justify eating all this cake I’m baking 🙂

Missing Mountain Biking
There is one hobby/excercise that I do miss sometimes and that’s mountain biking. We often go for walks at the forest and catch people out riding their mountain bikes. Admittedly it was a little treacherous, but that was part for the thrill of it for me – the risk of potentially broken bones. Slipping on a wet rock and falling down the hillside into the prickly gorse bushes, or hitting a tree root at the wrong angle and catapulting yourself into the stream running alongside you.

What’s your take on finding the time and motivation to excercise?


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