Setting ourselves up for ridicule

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Last week I went to an exhibition and during the day there were two things that made me laugh…how stupid we can be for the sake of a fashion and a phone call.

The killer heels mistake
I know, I know, many of us gals don’t feel quite dressed up enough without heels on when we are trying to look all formal and professional. Flats with your suit just don’t go. Besides, I buy my suits to go with heels, not with my ballerina shoes (or as hubby might term them my dumpy frumpy shoes). But the mistake some girlies make, is to go for the killer heels during an exhibition. As you well know, the trick on these occasions is to wear the heels that are well-worn in and not four inches. I’m sure, like me you’ve made the mistake before of wearing new high heels out for the day, by 11am you’re already crippled. It’s hilarious to observe rookies making this mistake, walking along trying to look dainty, but instead striking the look of Miss Hunchback of NautreDame lolling along the streets of Paris.

The “ I’m on the phone on the train” boo boo
This is not just isolated to women – some people, don’t have a very good concept of how loud their voices are. If I’m honest, I’m not the most softly spoken person, hubby is always niggling at me for shouting in the house…I’m not shouting, I’m just talking. But there is a time and a place, and on the train is NOT that place. This stupid woman a few seats up from me failed to notice all the death stares she was getting from the passengers around her, as she tried to reach ‘Jason’ to see if he could get any tickets for Mumford and Suns at the O2 Arena. Even when the guy opposite picked up his phone and bellowed “I’m on the train on the phone, talking loudly so everyone around me can hear me”. Little Miss Oblivious didn’t catch on, poor love. I kind of felt sorry for her for being so dumb and not realizing the hatred that was bubbling up around her.

What recent examples have you observed of people setting themselves up for ridicule recently?


One thought on “Setting ourselves up for ridicule

  1. Claire Duberry says:

    I remember being on the train in the early days when mobiles had not been about that long and there was this young gal who was having this conversation with her boy friend adn they had obviously fallen out becaouse she was crying and pleading and all that business and everyone, but everyone was with her.

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