All flappy with the nappy

We’ve had a few nappy incidents within the last week. This was not due to babe doing the worlds most almightily ‘rumble in the bumble’s’, but down to various moments where I lacked some basic foresight.

1) Forgetting the repeated copy-cat nature of a toddler
I made the error of illustrating to babe that it was time to put her nappy back on after having some much needed air-time, by showing that one of a her bears was having his nappy put on. Now she has a thing about putting nappies on all the bears, even poor Owly who is only about four inches tall.

2) Forgetting the nappy bag
On Sunday we went out to a pub/restaurant by the sea with hubby’s lovely auntie and uncle (if you’re ever in South Devon check out The Ness). Just before my yummy desert was due to arrive, the somewhat foul aroma wafting from babe’s rear end made us realize she had done a ‘rumble in the bumble’. So off I dashed to deal with the ‘job’, but I’d forgotten a nappy bag. We use washables and there was no way I was going to ditch it, even if it was uber nasty. Neither was I going to stuff it into my new Radley handbag (or any hand bag for that matter) and I couldn’t walk back to my seat with my Trifle awaiting with a turdy ‘Tots Bot’. Luckily the loo was en-route to the kitchen and I managed to collar a member of staff who saved the day by searching out the only plastic bag in the building.

3) Forgetting that babe’s botty was ‘on air’
Babe has suffered a bit these last couple of weeks, with nappy rash. I’ve tried using disposables at night, lots of Sudocrem, but it is persisting. So whenever we get the chance, I’ve been giving her botty a little ‘air time’. I forgot about this when sitting her on the kitchen sideboard the other night (she had a long dress on so I didn’t notice). When I lifted her off, she had tinkled – it had run off the surface, into the draws and right down the cupboards onto the floor, narrowly missing the Weetabix and Shreddies. Gross!

Before I dive off to do some proper work, can you recommend a really good, thick, barrier type nappy cream? Sudocrem is not cutting it at the moment.




4 thoughts on “All flappy with the nappy

  1. Katie Pedley-Barrow says:

    I’ve found bepanthen to be brilliant, it normally clears up any rash by the next nappy change. Breastmilk is also brill for rashes or sores and seems to work just as quickly.

    We avoid sudocrem as it takes ages to do anything.

    Kate x

  2. Cherise says:

    Lol! This post took me back. Used to use washable nappies with my daughter, 10 years ago now. Would often forget nappy bags & sods law would always be when she would produce abominations!!
    Also found my daughter got far more nappy rashes than my other 2 who used disposables. I think that it might have been because there are not quite as absorbent so the wee invariably stays on skin a bit longer. Also, they are a bit warmer than disposables so better environment for yeast infections 😦 I found good old Vaseline was the best thing to prevent nappy rashes.
    Someone also told me that your diet can cause nappy rash if breastfeeding & things like orange juice can make babes wee acidic & cause rashes. I never noticed this with any of my babes but worth keeping in mind?
    At least nappy rash is one thing you know they will grow out of!

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