A crunchy WAHM, not a toffee chocolate bar with honeycomb

Hippie VW 2

Image by Marshall Astor - Food Pornographer via Flickr

Since entering the zany world of social media for mothers, I’ve had to learn a whole load of new acronyms and phrases. Like what’s a SAHM or a WAHM…

Let’s start with the basics, you probably already know these. But for those that don’t, these are not chocolate bars, instead they refer to a type of mum:
SAHM (stay at home mum)
WAHM (work at home mum)

And crunchy, I thought that was just a chocolate bar – seems I’ve been living in the dark ages. So let me enlighten you (again sorry if you already know).

In a generic context my random searchings reveal that it’s a word describing the modern-day hippy, other sources suggest it’s about being green and environmentally aware. In the mama context  there are different grades of crunchy all based on how much you embrace things like co-sleeping, sling wearing, breastfeeding…and more weird stuff like walking around barefooted all the time.

I found this survey that allow you to assess how much of a crunchy mum you really are, I got 86 (which came out as ‘pretty crispy’), if walked around barefoot (I live in the UK for goodness sake), homeschooled, didn’t get my daughter vaccinated, didn’t wear make-up etc, my score would have been well up there – I’m kinda glad it’s not.

Give it a try yourself and why not share your results?

How Crunchy Are You


2 thoughts on “A crunchy WAHM, not a toffee chocolate bar with honeycomb

  1. Katie Pedley-Barrow says:

    I got 68 which surprised me, I don’t think it takes much to be pretty crispy!

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