Life is good for the work-at-home attachement parenting mama

A different pespective

Image by piyushthacker via Flickr

It occurred to me the other day, that my entries in this blog might make me come across like a bit of a miserable old goat. But I’m quite the contrary.

The truth is, day-to-day challenges in life make excellent writing material. I also have a hatred for blogs from people who are always banging on about how wonderful and sugar-coated their lives are – yuk (show me the bucket). It makes me a) jealous and b) distrust them (for some crazy reason).

But I need to put the record straight, I do actually have a pretty good life – its hard work, and sometime yes, it is a struggle striking the right balance – but isn’t that the case for almost every parent no mater what their circumstances are?

I work full-time from home which makes it workable
That’s not four days a week, its five (all about getting in the right routine and getting up early) but it means I can continue my career and keep the liquidity situation looking semi rosy  (and I can justify buying myself the odd nice thing). At the same time, I work from home and have some flexibility in my hours. All this means I get extra time with my daughter and keeps the childcare costs down a wee bit. It’s that morning hour between 9am and 10am that we have most fun, baking, crafting and generally trashing the house.

I embrace attachment parenting: co-sleeping, baby wearing, breastfeeding…which redresses the balance
This gives me plenty of special time with my daughter, compensating for not being with her all the time. I prove that you can practice attachment parenting and work full-time. If you’re employer gives you the flexibility then it makes it easier, but I’m sure it could still be done if you had to travel and 9-5 in the office. I am still breastfeeding babe and plan to continue doing so until she decides, which allows me to continue giving her the best immunity boosting juice out and provide extra security and closeness that she might miss from me spending time away from her working.

There are lots of other great things in my life, like having a wonderful hubby, a very supportive family and some fab friends – thanks to you all. Particularly hubby for putting up with living with me, and putting up with those grumpy goat moments.

That’s it, you’re free to throw up now…smush-mushines of sugar-coated life spiel over.

But honestly, did you think I sounded like a miserable old goat before reading this post?


One thought on “Life is good for the work-at-home attachement parenting mama

  1. barbs says:

    No you’re alright, you don’t sound like a whiney old goat – you just come across as keeping it ‘real’ and like you say not sugar coated. If it all sounded too good people tune out and switch off!

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