Tree Hugging Toddler Cuteness

Yesterday we took babe to the Forest, they have a wonderful discovery trail for children with all kinds of random wooden giant musical instruments, statues and dens etc; to capture the kid in anyone. No one can resist beating the hell out of the giant wooden glockenspiel as they meander past. You can hear it crying out, “beat me, beat me…you know you want to”. 

Before this post goes all awry, let me get it back on the tree hugging track that I was trying to lead you down.

Babe in the hide-out

Babe was getting into the spirit of things; I can’t recall the amount of times she fell over from running too fast on the hazardous tree rooty terrain. To start with she would dust herself off and get on with things, like the hardy child that I’m encouraging her to be. But after the umpteenth fall, it was getting a little much for her and a cuddle from mummy and a get-better kiss from daddy were called for.

At this point, I figured it was time to introduce her to the joys of tree hugging. We did it initially to break her out of a little tizzy and then as every parent of a toddler knows, she continued to spread the love throughout the forest. Adorable.

This morning, I got up early and it was dark and cold in the house. I wish I had a tree in the garden to go and cheer me up and take me out of my ‘Monday morning, don’t want to get up and work tizzy’. Well not the garden, that would meaning venturing out into the cold, but the theory sounds good.

So no doubt this morning, on the way to the childminders, we are going to have to keep a watch-out for those needy trees. “Hug me, hug me, you know you want too.”


One thought on “Tree Hugging Toddler Cuteness

  1. Claire Duberry says:

    Enjoyed the last two posts tremendously.

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