Twitter is my new round-the-clock mama advice line

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When creating this blog I also signed-up for a twitter account with the primary objective of getting more people to drop by and have a read (boost the traffic). Now no-one is going to get run over by the mass of traffic driving by, but it has still provided a nice steady flow of other mama’s out there curious by my random blog titles.

But I do confess I’ve discovered that it can offer so much more. It’s become a round the clock advice line and sometimes helped me keep sane during those crazy nights when babe wakes up and hasn’t wanted to go back to sleep for four hours.

Last week, an American Magazine (I think it was called Mothering Magazine) was hosting a twitter event about babywearing at 2am in the morning. Coincidently I was up with babe, trying to get her mellowed-out and back to sleep. It was great to be able to join in the chatter to keep my mind off the frustration of the wide-awake child insistent on time and time again emptying my bedside cabinet drawers and then filling them back up.

With child behavior and medical problems I’ve got an army of like-minded mothers out there ready to impart their advice on what they think the issue I’ve tweeted about might be. The mother tweeting army is invariably quite busy doing her own thing, dealing with her own challenges, so I won’t get a mass of responses, but usually one or two – enough to banish my anxieties and get me back on track. *Thank you to the tweeting mother army for your comments and feedback*

It’s also helped me find mamas that I relate to. Being relatively isolated by working from home and not always having the most main-stream attitudes towards parenting, makes it all the more useful.

The other great thing is that lots of interesting blog posts and stories feed into one place. Again, super useful for getting answers to my problems without having to trawl through the gazillion parenting advice forums out there.  And its QUICK, responses come flying back within minutes – not days.

So, I confess, I am twitter convert. Are you?


2 thoughts on “Twitter is my new round-the-clock mama advice line

  1. I’ve found Twitter to be a great source of advice, support and entertainment throughout my pregnancy and am hoping that once I become a mum-proper (in a few days!), it will continue to provide some much needed late-night feedback!

  2. Mark says:

    Twitter is a great source of info no matter what you’re into!
    But it can get addictive… Used to want to read every tweet of people I followed… Thankfully now released from that!

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