Knitting and nursing, new skills bourne out of necessity

Babe is definitely teething again at 22 months. Argh, when will it end? I’m not joking, when do the last teeth come through? Before I get into explaining my new knitting skill, let me put it in context…

As a result this weekend has had its ups and downs, because grizzle bum babe has been a bit of a sad sausage (maybe you watch Reggie Perin?).

Anyways, I thought it would be a breeze getting her off to sleep on Sunday night, as she had skipped afternoon nap, and was surviving on the 10 minutes snooze she’d got in the car.

A breeze – getting her to bed was like fighting a hurricane. She had the all-mightiest of tantrums and then alas at about 8.15pm she was in full doze-off mode. But she wasn’t going to let go of me…she was latched on for the duration. And every time I tried to slip off, she would stir and re-awake. Fortunately I’d brought my knitting to bed with me. After a little jostling around I’d cracked it. Yes, lying down and feeding babe, while knitting. With the freezing cold temperatures here, the pressure has been on to finish babe’s hat.

I am so proud, it is now done and fits a treat. Now I know it’s not the most dainty and attractive in the shape and styling, but I’d got my practical mama head-on when choosing the pattern. I’m thinking I might knit some nice flowers on or  something, to make it look a bit more girly and cutsie. Also yet to add the finishing touches like a  pom pom and the button for the chin strap.

Babe wearing the semi complete hat

After my recent heated debates with the pointy pair (knitting needles I’m referring to here), you’d think I’d be ready to snap them in half and hurl them into the recycling pile in a moment of cathartic therapy. But no, they caught me hook line and sinker. I want to knit another hat for babe.

Are you mad? I hear you cry…all you did was complain?!

Maybe I am a touch mad, but I want to create something a bit less pratical and more girly this time round. Also hoping that I might have got over MY teething problems, and am wistfully thinking that I might have got my brain into the right knitting gear.

Bring-it-on you pair! No back tracking for me this time.


2 thoughts on “Knitting and nursing, new skills bourne out of necessity

  1. Mark says:

    You are doing well for her to even like wearing a hat. Alex hates hats / hoods…
    All that effort and a flat refusal to wear it … Now that would be upsetting!

  2. Claire Duberry says:

    Had a good little titter

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