First Toddler Bikes – Babe Gets Her First Wheels

Yesterday we got  babe her first bike. Being the impatient person that I am, I couldn’t wait until her 2nd birthday in December. My rationale in persuading hubby to give it to her early, was that it is so close to Christmas, she would get more benefit from the bike now. It worked and he agreed, in truth is he is as much a ‘now’ person as me. Anyway, she’ll have presents from other people on her birthday (we hope).

Babe on her Islabikes Rothan balance bike

After much deliberation and extensive research by hubby (who is a true Jedi master when it comes to researching a new product, finding the best solution and sourcing the cheapest price) we opted for an Islabike Rothan – a balance bike to be precise.

Why a balance bike?
Also known as running bikes. By all accounts (well forum poster accounts that is), a balance bike is a much better starting point – safer than a bike with stabilizers, allows the kiddies to go faster and enables them to progress up to a proper bike quicker. If you check out all the YouTube videos on these (soo cute), then you’d be sold too.

Why Islabikes?
We wanted something sturdy and hardcore that could be passed onto a possible future bro or sis. We checked out the Specialized and Strider alternatives, which both look pretty fab too, but decided on the Islabike because it had a brake and seemed to be more substantial. I’m hoping to create a budding little mountain biker here. And we opted for no girly colours, sticking with the strictly neutral color of red.

What’s the babe verdict?
She seems genuinely happy and excited, but in all honesty – right now seems to be more taken with the helmet. It’s early days though…


One thought on “First Toddler Bikes – Babe Gets Her First Wheels

  1. Mark says:

    Be interested in how she gets on with it.
    We have decided to get Alex (18mths!) a Micro Scooter for Xmas. Sophie has one and adores it but everytime it comes out now it causes a fight. Not that Alex can scoot yet, but he can push it…
    You may have seen them, 2 wheels at front, 1 at back for easier balancing.

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