Where has this week gone? Not sure If I’d rather it was still Thursday

This morning as I showered, I had a 10 minute long debate with myself (not out loud you will be relieved to hear, just in my head) over whether or not it was Thursday or Friday. I was busy recalling conversations about the day before trying to place myself on the continuum of time. If I did have the power to decide, I’m not sure what I’d rather.

You might be thinking that Friday is the natural choice. It’s the last day of the week. And logically you are correct, of course. But I’ve been really busy at work and suddenly have a load more things on my to-do list that I wanted completed before stashing my laptop away for its weekend long snoozy time. Don’t get me wrong, actually, I’ve been super productive this week, but with just two and a half weeks to go till the date of a conference I’m organizing is upon me, things are starting to get a little rammed.

There is part of me that wishes today was Thursday, another day to get that invite email out to the Russians and Scandinavians – Friday is never a good day for these things, but I’m running out of options with the event nearly upon me.

But it is Friday and I just need to get on and embrace that the weekend starts tonight and crack on with my busy day ahead. So less waffling, time to hit the decks and get my little world of techie marketing in order.


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