We’re not ready for the overnight appart thing yet!

In a couple of week’s time I have to go to Oxfordshire at the crack of dawn for a long full day managing a conference. It’s one of THE work events of the year for me. I need to be on site nice and early to be setting a good example to the rest of the team and to get all my ducks in a row before the hoards of attendees come trawling in to get their freebies and morning coffees.

Despite my friend urging me to join her and travel up the night before, I simply can’t bear the idea. It’s about two and half hours from my house (says AA route finder) but for me that’s doable. Call me a clingy mama, call me boring, call me crazy – but I don’t want to drive up to the hotel the night before.

Yes I would like to have a drink and a laugh with my other colleagues. But my desire to stay home, sleep in my own bed and tend to my little one outweighs this. I know she will be nearly 2 years old by this point, but I don’t care. I was never one of those mums that would crave an hour away from her baby to have a break, even if it was to go to the supermarket. In fact, when I did do that, it felt lonely and alien.

Yes in theory hubby would do fine, I know what you are saying and that is what some people are telling me. But he doesn’t seem too keen right now. I think that’s largely because babe has been going through a patch of teething and he wouldn’t like to not have mama around with her booby pacifiers to calm the grizzle bum down.

The build up to this, would be a nervous stress that I could do well without. And who sleeps well for the first night in a strange hotel room? I figured that I’d probably get more sleep staying home going to bed early and getting up at an insane hour, than driving up the evening before.

And I know I can’t keep putting off this overnight apart thing for too much longer, but I need a bigger reason than this.

Tell me some other mama’s feel the same way, or am I just alone in this?


4 thoughts on “We’re not ready for the overnight appart thing yet!

  1. Mark says:

    Really tough call, and no one will know all the variables but you.
    What about another variable… Could they do the event without you???
    It is a really long way to go for early start and full on day then drive home. Could you go the night before then have the day off after event to bond again?

  2. I don’t know if its because of our history, but I’m with you on this one. I left my baby on his own for 74 nights when he was born (for 8 of those nights I was only upstairs) He was born at 27 weeks, and it broke my heart every day to leave him at night. My mum in law bought me a spa day for my birthday, to use whilst he was in hospital, and I never used it, and it remains unused to this day. Why would I want to spend a whole day away from him if I don’t have to?

    So now he is 17 months and I still haven’t left him overnight post coming home. I am rarely away from him at all, we’re a team.

    I’m also an Aussie, though I live here, and to me, 2 and a half hours is nothing!

    I think you would definitely be fresher and happier if you had her with you the night before.

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