Ill toddler: another great reason for extended breastfeeding and co-sleeping

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Babe and I have stinking horrible colds, again, yes again. If anyone, exclaims to me ‘again’ (just one more time)…I am going to scream! You can see my post about  my cold less than two months ago in September

Anyway, let me get myself out of my coldy self pitying tizzy a moment (sips tea, eats another mouthful of chocolate and gives the hot water bottle a nice hug). Ah much better – thanks for your patience.

The last couple of nights have been a bit of a drag. Sunday night babe was suffering a big way. She reached a temperate of 40.6C at one point.

Last night was a bit different; she was over the hot sweats and was into the coughing and sore throat stage. Me, well I was a day behind with a streaming nose and a temperature I couldn’t control. Duvet on, feet out, duvet off, freezing, duvet back on – and so the night went. When babe was asleep, I would wake up from a runny nose, temperature issue or sinus pain. When I’d go to sleep, babe would wake up with an irritating cough wanting to nurse etc. At one point I wished that I didn’t breastfeed babe and that we didn’t co-sleep as much (then hubby might be able to help out while I got more sleep), but that was me having an irrational moment.

I knew that she would most likely be feeling a lot worse if she wasn’t getting mummy milk and getting her settled and back to sleep would take a lot longer – requiring a lot more energy. The end result would be that the whole house would probably be awake and miserable the next day.

My summary is, I’m so glad to still be BFing my babe and able to provide a quick and easy source of comfort at night. Just another great reason to continue to breastfeed your little ones.


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