You’re a mummy, you’re not aloud to get ill


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My friend has opted to have the optional free flu jab. I loved her response to when her husband asked why….”because I’m a working mum I can’t afford to get ill“.

WAHM, SAHM, regular working mum, it doesn’t make a blind bit of difference, getting properly ill is not an option. Don’t get me wrong, the world will not end without us, but I can guarantee you that chaos would reign. Unless you were hospitalized and there was an army of family drafted in to support, most likely things would definitely fall into disarray or some degree or other. Don’t tell me your one of those super smug ladies who’s OH is a super man about the house? That would make all us mamas feel somewhat green-eyed and sickly *hurls into bucket of envy*.

There is no time to feel sorry for yourself when you’ve got little ones running around demanding to be entertained, fed and have their bottoms wiped.

If you are SAHM (stay at home mum) you get it even tougher. No chance to take a sick day, and pack the children off to childcare. In fact, what do you do? I guess you must have to call on the man of the house to take a day off and somehow try to keep the marauding hoards from your sick-bed.

As we enter the sickly season,  I send you Echinacea infused hugs to keep the illness away.


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