The three mothering muskateers and a puppy called Spud

Cute Dog Puppy

Image by via Flickr

Add a labrador puppy to an afternoon with the three mothering musketeers and their side-show nearly two-year olds, and you’ve got yourself one crazy couple of hours.

As a full-time working mother I don’t get a lot of opportunities to catch up with my friends and to watch my little girl interact with other children. Saturday was one of those rare occasions.

Babe and I arrived at my friend’s house to explore the chaos that her new puppy Spud was reigning upon their lives. Credit to the gal, she’d done a fine job of containing the chaos that comes with a new puppy. The only really evident signs were the newspaper strewn kitchen floor and the wet patch in the corner from where the puppy had puked up his little guts just a few minutes before our arrival.

You’ll be familiar with the way these afternoons go. First priorities are tea and cake, must have cake…must have cake…must have…oh you get it anyway. Then it takes the girls time to re-acquaint themselves and then before you know it all hell has let loose. The room (or whole house) is trashed and if you’re not careful world war three might have broken out. We chose our timing carefully, get out while the goings good. Don’t over stay your welcome or things go pear-shaped. Lucky for us the girls didn’t turn on each other at any point during the afternoon, instead they had a common enemy who was in the form of an adorable labrador puppy. To be honest, he wasn’t really the enemy, just a good focal point when ever the atmosphere between the girls started to get a bit too competitive or selfish.

Spud also took the heat off me and my friend who had come to visit with our daughters, who were successfully turning our other friends living room into what looked like a war zone. Spuds jigsaw chewing and tissue tearing detracted from our little girls destruction just nicely.

The crummy kisses goodbye
There are times when you have kids that your heart could just melt. As we got booted and suited (well shoed and coated), I asked babe if she would like to kiss everyone goodbye. She launched towards one of her little pals and planted a great slobbery biscuit crumbed smaker right on the lips. He little friend responded with a big hug, which resulted in one great big three-way hug among the girls. All the while, the three mothering musketeers looked on trying to hold back the tears of pride – ah, that’s our girls. Sniffle sniffle.


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