Do you forget birthday’s too?

oxymoron via Flickr”]Sarah Palin Birthday Card

Peer into my life, and I’m sure most of yours too, then getting everyone’s birthday card notes to them on time is not on the top of my priorities – sorry but that’s how it is OK?

Well maybe it’s not OK, but it’s tough titty, because it ain’t changing.

My family has always been somewhat relaxed about remembering people’s birthdays. So what if my card is a couple of days late? I’m not about to think that I’ve fallen out a favor, I just conclude that people sometimes have bigger things on their mind. Some of my extended family is not so relaxed and on numerous occasions I have been hauled through the coals for the most minor error of the card being just one day late. For some people it seems like the end of the world, but honestly, let’s look at the bigger picture.

To be truthful, before I had babe I was pretty good. I had them noted on the calendar every year and would keep a pretty good track of things. At the end of 2009 I binned that calendar and forgot to copy the birthdays over. That was the fundamental part of my birthday forgetting demise. So now I have no calendar or book and only a scattered memory of whose birthday is when. Add to that a very busy life.

This post today was inspired after a call to my unlce and his wife at the weekend. I’d forgotten her birthday and she takes this quite seriously. After a five minute grovel, my uncle’s wife explained to me that I should write all the birthdays in a book and then check the book just before I go and do the weekly shopping. It’s actually quite a good idea, I’m thinking now, maybe she would be kind enough to get me one for Christmas and write in all the birthdays as she has such a good handle on these things? I cheekily mentioned to her that I do the weekly shopping on a Thursday night and that she might like to call me mid-day every Thursday to remind me of the birthdays coming up in the week ahead. What I cheek, I’m not sure she heard me say that…thank goodness. It just came out, I couldn’t help myself…

At the same time, perhaps maybe, just maybe, people could cut me a back of slack and look at how many balls I’m trying to keep in the air and be thankful that it’s just their birthday they forgot and not their Christmas card too! Or the fact that they exist at all.

So I’m sorry if I forgot your birthday, your partners birthday, your childs birthday or your wedding anniversary (don’t get me on that one too), please don’t take it personally.


3 thoughts on “Do you forget birthday’s too?

  1. Mark says:

    Ha ha!
    I have had exactly same situation. I missed my parents wedding anniversary (40 years).
    Ok it was a big one but still I have more things to juggle. I had the card just not the inclination to hunt for their new address in Portugal.
    What made it worse was my brother who with one child nearly aged 2 not only remebered and bovered

  2. Mark says:

    Damn phone:)

    He gave them there present to rakeback with them a month before at the end of their last visit a personalised monopoly set no less. And atill manage to send them a card in the post!
    With brothers like that there is no point trying:)

    Cards are great if you have the time, but generally I don’t… So I fully back your campaign for Xmas present of diary with names age and address in side… And if they could come with supply of cards that would be great 😉

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