Pottyhood Part 1

Our current phase of parenthood has entered Pottyhood. In other words, we are starting to transition babe from wearing nappies to using the poo pot.

On Sunday I was so proud that babe had managed to ‘produce’ a fine poopey specimen in the pink potty that now gets trailed around the house. We rejoiced in merriment at the wondrous gift that she had neatly delivered to us. And she announced ‘more, more’ in recognition of her efforts.

Babe potty posing

Spurred on by our success, we continued with nappy free time for the next hour or so. This was largely met with a lack in success displayed in the form of lots of pissy patches on the not so cream carpet. But success did return once more that evening in the form of getting an actual pee in the potty – more rejoicing from the rooftops.

Then it went downhill, I should have quit while we were ahead. Monday night we had more nappy off time, instead of peeing in the potty babe held her potty in her arms and took a seat on my left foot. Ah warm at last…but too warm, too nice….argh wet…pee pee wet. The little minky spalinky had peed on my foot! She left me with a sodden sock and soggy trouser bottoms. Ewy yuk.

Somehow I know this is only going to be the start…keep any eye out for Pottyhood part 2 coming soon (no doubt).


One thought on “Pottyhood Part 1

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