From one blog to another: personal to B2B is a toughie

Microphone (MXL 990)

Image by Seven Morris via Flickr

I thought on my entry into the blogosphere, once you had mastered the casual writing style, it would be easy peasy to roll out this technique onto another blog space. I should have known better when hitting a totally new target audience and topic. We recently launched a corporate techie blog at work and the transition hasn’t been as straight forward as I’d assumed.

I  can whack out a post for this blog in about ten minutes…erm can’t you tell? But the corporate B2B world is a totally different kettle of fish. In my work blog I’m addressing middle-aged techie men, who typically wear short trousers and socks with sandals. Hmm, maybe I’m being a bit harsh, but they are very different to you. I’m used to writing to target the B2B largley middle-aged male target audience, but in the formal way, not in a casual more personable manner.

‘Finding your voice’ sounds so corny, but as a blogger it is so true. It took me while here to establish my style, and I’m not totally happy with it yet either. But then, what woman is happy with her appearance, visual or written? Or has Gok Wan got to you and made you feel totally happy with your body image? I think I need the Gok Wan for writing.

On my work’s corporate blog I’m finding it so much harder, with so many more constraints that come with the conservative thinkers. It’s the personality thing that is the hardest, how much do you let show through? And the humourous side, that’s a tougher one – I’m talking to an international audience of men that are largely engineers.

That said, there are some aspects of the corporate blog that I do find easier than this one. Sometimes boundaries are good, they keep you in check, yes constrain you most of the time, but they stop you saying stupid things other times. I often wonder if I get too personal on here, or generally step over the line by being offensive and over opinionated. But I figure – who wants to read the blog of someone who just sits on the fence? Not me, when I’m reading a fellow mummy bloggers blog I like feisty, opinionated witty copy – one that I really love is MammyWoo. You must have a read, she’s good.

Oh by the way, did I mention that you can subsribe to this blog – it’s really easy, just click on the subscribe tab in the right hand column and add your email address details. More followers would be really nice 🙂 Thank you xx


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