Pottyhood Part 2 – Malteser Monster

Maybe I’m speaking too soon, but babe is making brilliant progress with potty training – as she’s not even two yet. Less of the gloating, we are not home and dry yet (getting in my pun early). Not speaking from experience, as I haven’t really got any, I would say that we’re about at the half way house.

Since my last post on this a week ago Brenda the childminder managed to make excellent progress. I wasn’t doing so well with her at home. I was starting to doubt myself…oh she’ll pee in the potty for Brenda but not for me 😦 Then hubby managed to get her to pee in the potty one evening, again not for me 😦

 By the time we got to Friday I’d got her to produce at least once a day in the potty, but still not great. I was feeling the pressure building up as we got to the weekend. It’s down to me (and hubby) to show that we can do this too. I was building it up to be some great thing in my mind…but babe has done me proud. She is doing very well and yesterday got up to six or seven wee’s in the potty – and this was just in the morning and evening when we were home.

Success is in the bribe
Upon Brenda’s recommendation we are bribing her. Yes, I’m afraid so. OK, call me a bad mother, but its working. Every time babe pees or poops in the potty she gets a Malteser. She has developed a real taste for the lovely melt in your mouth honeycomb balls coated in chocolate. I’m convinced she has got wise too, and is now breaking up the pees into lots of small ones so that she can get lots of Maltesers. She’s not even two and has worked out how to be devious and sneaky. Does this bode well for the future? Me thinks not!

We are also using disposable pull-up nappies. I’m not a big fan, you know me, I’m a cloth nappy kinda girl. And they are expensive; luckily the amount of pee in them is getting less and less, so we don’t have to change them so often. I am looking into some washable pull ups, but not really had the time to look very hard (suggestions much appreciated if you have any). What’s the next stage? I haven’t swotted up on potty training at all, and am largely being lead by Brenda the childminder – with 30+ experience I’m not going to argue. Besides its working and isn’t overly stressful, so no need to question it.

But I’m wondering, what’s the next stage? When do take the nappies off all together? Do we then need to trail a potty around everywhere?


2 thoughts on “Pottyhood Part 2 – Malteser Monster

  1. Claire Duberry says:

    What you need is some water proof knickers that have a towelling inner knicker – they were very good when my girls were little (oh yes that means you) they were great for
    that potty weaning time when you’re betwixt and between – don’t know if they still do the like now, but there’s a market opening for you. -eh?

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