Brain freeze: de-icer required for mama

Ever get those total panic moments when a hot sweat rises up over you (not in the nice way) when you realize something has gone wrong in a big way? I had one of those moments yesterday, but it didn’t pass so quickly, it lingered about half an hour as I panicked and scuttled around trying to find the £40 that was in my trouser pocket before leaving for the park.

I put the money in my pocket to pay the childminder that we were heading off to (via the park), and only upon leaving the park did it dawn upon me that my pockets were empty…bar a few snotty tissues (yes another cold). 

Babe at the park - no money here.

 For the next half hour I trawled back and forth from the park to home, retracing every mama and toddler footstep. Recounting when I had carried babe for those few minutes and the exact points at which I had riveted around in my pockets to locate a tissue to wipe our cold wind-swept dripping noses – nada. No cash-io, no note-io…no tenner, no twenty – the streets were as poor as when I arrived.

It turns out that the house was a rich as when I’d left. After checking every nook and cranny (if I’d dropped the money from my pocket when going to the toilet, or if it had wormed its way down the side of the sofa), I threw my coat in the under stairs cupboard and there on the floor it was. Just, lying next to the Dyson, still all neatly bundled up. My GOD (not that I’m at all religious) was I relieved…if I was ever going to become a believer, I deemed now a suitable time. HOLD ON evangelists – not suitable enough, I’m staying on the believer fence for today, sorry.

 Lessons learned:

  1. Never put money notes in your trouser pockets, yep Jeans could be OK, but anything less than skin-tight, and you could risk the pesky grubby escapee trying to break loose.
  2. As Noel Edmonds would say on Deal or No Deal ‘treat the money with respect’ – weather it is a fiver or five thousand, you’ll be kicking yourself if you get carefree.

    Getting to the bottom of this, I put it down to the cold freezing up my brain.

 So tell me, make me feel better, have you done something similar? Do you need some mama de-icer today?


2 thoughts on “Brain freeze: de-icer required for mama

  1. Mark says:

    Dadda tip.
    Never drive off with you wallet left on top of the car, where you placed it whilst you tie down your babe into their seat.
    Next upon returning home don’t think ‘oh look at all that mess in the street and oh that looks like my wallet – still can’t be as mine is in my pocket.
    DO learn to be very quick in picking all up when realise wallet not there…
    Lucky… Just a little 🙂

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