Pottyhood Part 3 – It gets messy

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Potty training definitely has its ups and downs. Last night we were down down down and it was messy. Babe was being somewhat inconsistent in telling me she wanted a wee wee and be being bothered to go on the potty.

The bed gets it first
It’s just before bath and we (babe not me) are having nappy-off-time. Babe climbs on the main bed and is happily counting her coins (her #1 favorite pastime) while I twiddle around with the laptop and printer trying to print out my expenses and a returns label for a parcel. I take my eye off the ball, I forget to bring the potty upstairs and forget my every two minute question of “do you want to go on the potty babe?”. And the duvet gets it. Not in a big way thankfully. But enough to warrant a change of bed sheets (luckily it’s not soaked through to the duvet part).  If I’m honest, the bed clothes needed changing and it made me stop being a scanky homekeeper and change them – but I could have done without it before bath time.

The bath gets it second
Then its bath time, I try babe on the potty before hauling her into the water. Nada – but she still succeeds in peeing in the bath – that’s OK. Not something I do myself, but at her age that’s fine. On countless occasions during the bathing experience babe crys ‘wee wee’ and I reassure her, that its OK to just do it in the bath. At the same time, I know its probably not a wee, just her referencing her bottom.  Like her randomly walking up to hubby and I, pointing at our crotches and shouting ‘wee wee’, luckily that’s only been at home so far. Anyway back to the plot, one more shout of wee wee and then I spot a floater and somehow poop on her fingers. I scuttle to pick up the wet child in my arms and sit her on the potty (which I have brought upstairs after the bed accident). Nope, sadley she had unloaded for the day. So I was left with a sopping wet child, with hands covered in poop and a floater to fish out of the bath.

Carpet gets it third
Just as I’ve fished out the child and the floater, hubby shouts up from downstairs having just got in from a run, and declares that he has dog crap on his trainers and has poddled it in the house. There was no way I was coming to the rescue on that one…

As I lay nursing my two year old toddler to sleep, thinking how I would write this post, I recalled something hubby had said to me earlier. “I thought potty training was supposed to be hard”. Hmm, well it is, but I’m doing a good job of making it look easy.

That’s the silver lining of writing a blog, when shit happens you know it’s going to make a good story.


2 thoughts on “Pottyhood Part 3 – It gets messy

  1. Doodlemum says:

    Yeah potty training is normally one step forwards and two steps back! Keep going…you will get there..in the end.
    Very funny post, I enjoyed reading it.

    • Thanks for dropping by and reading the blog and the post.

      I’ve been and bought her undies this morning…I already feel the anticipation of another funny story coming on 😉 She must be brewing it up.

      Oh almost forgot to add, the latest is, she did a great big poo in the potty last night – was soo proud. Thank goodness for my cold and lack of sense of smell.

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