Snow god shows his appreciation for my snow dance

Everyone else in the UK has been banging on about how much snow they have had all week, and as a WAHM with no commute to have to deal with, I was jealous. And so too was my twitter friend itsamumsworld, at least we had each other to comfort as everyone else tweeted about the fun they were having in the snow.

The snow dance
I decided that it was time for me to do something about it. A snow dance was required. Initially it didn’t work, so I prayed to the snow god. Before bed last night I despaired and gave up on ever getting any snow. I didn’t even bother dashing to the window to check as I stumbled up from my not so great night’s sleep. I wasn’t alerted to the circumstances until hubby asked if I’d looked at the weather. And lo and behold snow was born. Not a lot, just a baby bit of snow. Enough to make snow balls, but creating a snow man would require a lot of snow acreage and commitment from the maker.

This morning twitter pal asked me what on earth I had done in my snow dance as she now had six inches, I told her that I had danced naked in just my new snow boots jiggling my bits…a little fib if I’m honest – it was way below zero here last night.

Snow gets a smelly name
Babe, who is not so quick on the speech uptake, is trying her best to say snow, but seems to be getting it mixed up with nose.  My confirmation that, no its snow, makes it worse. No, snow, nose – all sounds pretty much the same to her.

Here’s a couple of pictures taken on our walk over to the childminders this morning.

Babe enjoying the snow


Can you hear her thinking? 'Mmm yummy snow'


4 thoughts on “Snow god shows his appreciation for my snow dance

  1. barbara knowles says:

    Ohh Dee if only I could post you some of our snow… no work again today. We have now got a generous 2 foot of snow. The drive is a nightmare and I had to make my way over to horses again on foot, which in some places went well over my knees!! On the up side I have burnt off so many calories that I have treated myself to a nuts and crisps – and some chocolate. Babe looks very cute, she could have joined Eddie in snow tunnel making up here, standing upright!

    • Oh Barbs, I’m so green eyed – all our snow has pretty much melted and nothing fresh has arrived this morning. What desperate measures am I going to have to go to, in order to persaude the snow god to give us just a bit more?!

  2. Doodlemum says:

    Ah my kids will be so jealous, we didn’t have much here much to the indignation of my kids.

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