Babywearing Your Toddler

We’re all babywearing again in our house – even babe who I caught trying to put her teddies in the mei tai one day. The advancement has come in the form of upgrading to an Ergo Baby. 

Why change again?
After getting the Babyhawk Mei Tai for mother’s day earlier in the year, hubby’s opinion of it swiftly moved from skepticism to envy. At the same time, there was not a cat in hells chance that I was going to get him to use the mei tai. After a few months of being out and about and striking up random conversations with people we saw using the Ergo Baby, hubby was won over. We quickly concluded after some additional research from the expert babywearing mums on twitter that this was the way for us to go – sell the Mac Pack walking rucksack and BabyBjorn and get an Ergo active.

Ergo Baby in front carry

Quick thanks to my advisors
I should quickly say a big thanks to the following lovely twitter ladies for their feedback, that was all important in helping us make our decision. Much appreciation goes to Tamar England, Morgan AKA CityMama2Q  and Maverick Baby. There are some other babywearing twitter mama’s that I haven’t mentioned…a thank you to you too. I should also thank Surfer Girl who originally commented on my sling post and mentioned the Ergo – thanks chuck.

I’ve got to admit, the mei tai has taken a bit of a back seat since we got the Ergo. I have still used it a couple of times – nursing in while cooking the tea and for a more stylish look when going into town. That said, here are the reasons why I love the Ergo for carrying a toddler:

1) Easy and quick to put on, no faff, just over the shoulder and buckle into place

2) Extra padding round the waist, which is really good now babe is getting a bit more hefty.

3) Has a little pocket (well I’ve not used it yet, but I can see how useful it could be)

4) More unisex – ours is in a lovely green

As I alluded to above, the mei tai still wins over in feminine style (well yes I do look like a little chinese woman but it’s definately more lady like than the all buckle outdoorseyness of the Ergo). I also find the mei tai easier to haul round from front position to side, I’m struggling with grasping the side carry in the Ergo.

More toddler carriers
I am very excited, Slumber-roo an online sling retailer is also sending me a Scootababy and Boba soft carrier to review – so it will be interesting to how these compare to the Ergo and Mei Tai. I’m afraid it might leave me wanting to buy another carrier though. Review coming soon.


2 thoughts on “Babywearing Your Toddler

  1. Surfergirl says:


    how old/what weight do these carriers go upto? and also how do you get one on your back, with the toddler in it without help?

    • Which ones do you want baby weights for?

      As for getting toddler on my back, I haul her on my hip lean forward and then shuffle her round. She’s used to it, so usually knows not to wriggle. If she’s resisting I don’t risk try to get her on my back, just haul her onthe front to start with.

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