The lonely couple at the wedding

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Saturday night we hit a new milestone, the first evening (well part evening), out without babe. The separation anxiety was not an issue, instead we were the lonely couple pleading with puppy dog eyes for someone to come pat our heads in acknowledgement of the good dogs we were.

When I first heard that our neighbors wedding evening do which we had been invited along to was a no kid zone, I freaked out and said ‘no, we won’t go then’. But I realized that this would be an opportunity for us to take the next step in growing up as a family, leaving our toddler with the Monday childminder for part of the evening. That part of things went well; she was dropped off at 7pm and picked up at 9.35pm. The only trauma there was that come 9pm she had insisted on putting her coat on and calling to the door for mummy. By the time I arrived thankfully the tears were dried and she looked quite happy.

Hubby and I, on the other hand, had had a different experience all together. We were officially the lonely couple that no one would talk to. Now I’m quite confident, but it would have been plane rude of me to just try and muscle in on their second school reunion. And they’d have only been talking to me, in an effort to find a way of getting rid of me. What was the point? So instead, we had a chat with the best man at the bar and took a seat on the only empty table, in the hope that new comers would come and join us. We purposely faced the door, rather than the dance floor so we didn’t look antisocial, and looked inviting – not in that way, in the ‘come chat to us we need friends’ way. The mission was set, get some people to come chat to us – after all, we’re not used to chatting to each other 😉 In fact, we had a lovely chat in those lonely moments, but that wasn’t the point, we were out at a wedding.

I started to make eye contact with people as they returned from the bar and would pleading politely smile as they walked past. Until hubby pointed out that I looked desperate – I kind of feared that, he was right. So I counteracted this by ignoring said individuals from there on in.

Door watch
Every time someone came in through the doors from the bar we would immediately fall into a strategic discussion about whether or not they were contenders for our table. “Look, you see that lady in the cream dress with the curly hair, she has no friends – she is a prime target” said I…and I was proved wrong.

New strategy
Getting the mountain to come to Mohamed was not working. We had to go to the mountain and bring it back with us. We left our flag in the table (i.e. my coat) and headed off to the bar to strike up conversation, lure them in and attract them back to our property down by the dance floor. We had a small window of opportunity, just 40 minutes left before home time. Even that didn’t work, so I stuffed myself with chicken nuggets and potato wedges – very ‘come talk to me’ I know.

In the final few minutes of play, just as the whistle was about to blow for us to depart, the best man and his nice girlfriend, who we had chatted to at the bar came to sit on our table – goal! Who’s the mama?! And then we said our goodbyes and went. So much for our sociable evening out – never the less we had some nice quality time together.


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