Potttyhood Part 4 – Tea Time Favorites

WARNING NOTICE: If you don’t want to read about poo – don’t read on. I’m sorry if it seems I’m a bit obsessed, but this is a big part of my life right now.

Potty training is a dirty business, there’s no sugar coating it – but it’s all for a good end. On Monday night, the only way I was going to get fed was to sit on the floor with babe, as she sat on her potty keeping her #1 and #2 warm, while counting coins (as you may know, this is her #1 fave activity).

So you might be wondering why on earth why I was doing this. Well babe had been brewing up this pile up for a while, poor little thing didn’t know what to do with herself. Prior to actually getting on the potty and making the mountain, we’d had a few messy moments – not helpful while I was trying to finish off the mash potato for tea.

The time had come, she was ready and I’d got her to sit on the potty. The unfortunate thing was that once she had filled it up, she wanted to sit on it like a bird on her eggs. I didn’t want to really get into tussle, as I could see that getting REALLY messy. So I patiently sat next to her upon orders.

  “There” she hollered pointing to the carpet in front of her.  “Money” she yelled once I’d sat down. I duly grabbed her coin bucket and set to work as her assistant money counter.
Hubby who was grateful for my dedication to the cause got on, dished out tea and sat down to eat his. I attempted to go sit at the table to join him, but was called back by the sergeant major to stand guard, upon the bare bum bird keeping her stinking eggs warm.

Sod this I thought, I grabbed my tea, ate it one handedly, while counting money with her in the left hand – so thats my home life in a nutshell right now.

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"Bucket" says asks in a very Northern accent with the emphasis on the 'U'


5 thoughts on “Potttyhood Part 4 – Tea Time Favorites

  1. Oh to be sitting on a potty and counting out your money (while Daddy sits at the dining table eating bread and honey!) 😉 Love these posts.

  2. Doodlemum says:

    Yup, been there. It’s a dilemma that lasts a split second as it is only a split second you get in which to eat your tea, poo or no poo.
    I hope she hatched some good ones…tee hee..

  3. Carol says:

    So adorable that she likes to keep them “warm”. My kid, on the other hand, will put the lid of the potty seat back on. And then, he will show it to everyone in the house including anybody who comes over.

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