Biting while Breastfeeding

It's All Gone Pete Tong

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Anyone who has nursed a baby beyond the appearance of teeth has probably experienced a nip or two. For ages I’d been enjoying a fearless relaxed time of BFing babe without such incidents of horror. Then just last week she got me good and proper, a real big chomp. The little miss was attempting my multitasking efforts of talking while drinking, and in the process left me doubled over clasping my chest in pain. Babe had drawn blood – I was not a happy mummy.

The truth was, she had not done this in one of her toddler terror moments, she was just trying to have a cute bit of milky chatter with mama – and it had all gone a bit Pete Tong (wrong). So I did my best to stifle the desire to shout at her and shouted at hubby instead…poor guy.

Stopping the biting babe
Babe went through a stage of experimental boobey biting when she first got her nashers, but we soon sorted that out. Some people say that jumping and shouting ‘ouch’ is not a good idea as it scares some babies. Not my little sausage, this, coupled with a few minutes extra waiting for milkies while we all recovered, was enough to make her realise that it wasn’t a productive thing to be doing.

A little time after that, she did go through a phase of gentle nipping, waiting for a jump and ‘ouch’. She found this hysterical and broke into the cutest fit of smiling and giggling.

Argh a sadist child, that’s not the result I was aiming for.

Again, after showing her that this was not the quickest way of getting a milk feed, she gave up. This was much to my relief, as for a short time, feeding was becoming a bit of a ‘fear trip’.

So BFing mamas, how did you deal with the boobey biter? Any tips to share with other mums trying to overcome this problem?


2 thoughts on “Biting while Breastfeeding

  1. Mia Olsen says:

    I shout and cry out ouch because it HURTS! She only does it when she’s teething so it’s not too bad.

    I found it helped alot to have something on hand to gnaw, Sophie the giraffe is great or anything cold.

    Good luck with your little vampire!

  2. My little 5-month old has started biting, too. I haven’t really written a protocol for when she bites, but it usually involves pulling her off and screeching. I’d love to know what other moms are doing, too.

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