The Zoo and Lots More Poo

It was babes second birthday this week – another typical day in the life of a toddler asserting her opinions, while enduring more challenges on the pottyhood journey.

We started off the day, with a few presents and cards, and explained to her that the delightful bike we’d given her a couple of months back was to celebrate this day – she didn’t care, she wanted to play ‘boats’.  

Chug chug chug…weeee!



Entering terrible two’s
She got the memo from her two year old friends.

“You are two, and with it goes the word ‘terrible’, you have an reputation to uphold – get to work girl.” 

 And with that, she got on with the job of running us ragged. At the same time, she was totally immune to my persuasive powers and deal brokering –  she was being as stubborn as an ass. So kicking and screaming I hauled her into the car seat, while hubby mumbled on, suggesting that my notion of going to the zoo was perhaps a bad idea.

Mama’s taking us to the zoo
Off we drove to Paignton Zoo (another must see destination if you’re holidaying in Devon), all the while the she was being a clingy nightmare and insisted on holding my hand for the full duration – or suffer the wails and the snot bubbles! So I figured a dead-arm from lost circulation as a result of twisting my arm round to the back seat while I sat in the front, was a reasonable price to pay.

Despite babe being clingy and insistent on me holding her hand or carrying her for the duration – we had a great time. We were cheated by the cheetah’s who were not out in their enclosure, but the lions, giraffes and elephant with their close encounters, more than made up for it. Despite taking the buggy, I carried babe in the baby Ergo for pretty much most of the time, and the buggy again was relegated to trolley duty.

Potty progress
Despite being out, a bit snotty and clingy, babe still used the potty throughout our trip – shame she didn’t before going in the bath with her new bath toys…

Just as she’d climbed into the tub, and I’d splashed all the new shiny CLEAN toys into the water, it dawned upon me that I’d forgotten to get her to have a potty moment prior. And in that instance a great big brown floater appeared alongside her, like a big brown walrus popping up for air. I’m accustomed to this practice and hauled her out onto the potty and quickly salvaged the boats.  After the clean up opp, we resumed, at long last she enjoyed a nice lengthy bath – an achievement compared to the 30 seconds of bathing that I’d been getting from her recently.

All in all, not a bad day. Here are a few more pictures:


2 thoughts on “The Zoo and Lots More Poo

  1. Claire Duberry says:

    Lovely! The whole of that tripped along beautifully and made me smile to boot, or should I say to poo too.

  2. Doodlemum says:

    this made me laugh! Ah those bathtime moments when something other than the toys makes its unwelcome appearance!

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