Pottyhood Part 6: Out and About with the Travel Potty

During the busy Christmas shopping season, I cannot bear to take the buggy into town – it’s just way too busy, I rather use the baby carrier. The problem is, stowing things like a potty. Carrying a full sized chunk of pink plastic in addition to my toddler basics, and shopping is somewhat cumbersome to say the very least. I did it a couple of weeks ago and soon realized that there HAD to be a better way. Turns out there is and it comes in the form of a flat pack travel potty – this is IKEA furniture for the potty world.

The answer – a pottete
This is a wonderful invention which makes getting out and about with a little potty training person so much easier. You can literally whip it out of its bag, let babe do her business, bag it up and be off the crime scene in a matter of seconds – without the need for immediate disposal points (i.e. toilet). You can check out the full spec on Amazon if you’re curious.

I bought mine with bags  last week off eBay (the bags themselves seem to be quite pricey), and got it within a couple of days despite the bad weather. Over the weekend I had chance to give it a real test in a trip into town and over to the local supermarket and pet shop.

Imagine my excitement as babe shouts “wee wee” in the pet shop.
We scuttle over to the corner by the rabbit hutches, whip the beauty out and whalla, my little darling produces. We then break into our routine celebration dance of whooping and clapping, bag it up and we’re done.

Then it’s onto the supermarket to grab some basics to tide us over until we can get the car out of the snow. Yes I said snow, we’ve got even more this morning – there is no going anywhere today. Anyway, babe announces her wishes to go to the loo in the supermarket, so off we scamper to the loo – and nothing. This is usual, she often cries wolf – but I don’t know when that is, so we have to jump to action stations every time.

Then right down the other end of the store in the booze isle she pipes up “wee wee, potty”.  Argh blast, I’m thinking. There is no way I’m trawling through all these people right to the other end of the shop to realize that she went and did it in her nappy anyway. So out came the potette and my good little girl actually produced this time (luckily not the stinky brown stuff), but she made it worth my set-up efforts. 

You might ask if we got strange looks?
But I am now a master of mother/child discretion and made a nice little make shift privacy shield with the shopping trolley and my rucksack. Only those wanting a bottle of cider coming into close proximity would have caught onto what we were up too. That was until we gave the game away with our celebration dance – even one of the other shoppers joined in with a “well done” and claps.

I splashed out on the slightly more expensive version of the pottete that folds out into a toilet seat. I’m amazed that babe has already been successful with this too. I’m hoping that this won’t be in action for long, before babe gets the hang of dangling over the toilet seat. In the meantime, this will be my new best friend. The only problem, it’s slightly too large to go in my handbag and requires a separate bagging solution – hey ho, the hardships of motherhood 😉

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2 thoughts on “Pottyhood Part 6: Out and About with the Travel Potty

  1. Claire Duberry says:

    I don’t know if any one else reads these comments that we send in, but if
    they do all I can say is that this woman really will be letting the little one do the
    business in the supermarket, or any where – wait till she goes to B&Q and Babe spots the “Toilets to Go” – oooh I can’t wait for that one or will it be a numer two?

  2. […] Potette (click to find out more from a previous post) is not redundant though, it came in really handy […]

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