Getting Ready for Christmas: Home Baking and Homemade Decorations

This year I’ve been busy on my own homemade Christmas (not a patch on Kirsty’s though). I failed to do the Christmas cards in time, but have had a go at some decorations and more than made up for it with the mass scale baking!

So far I have baked…
– double quantity of apricot and almond flapjack my recipe
– sour cream chocolate cake (actually for babes birthday) from Nigella’s ‘How to be a domestic goddess‘ book – cake was a success, domestic goddess bit failed.
– 24 cappuccino cupcakes (gifts and for Xmas day) nigellas recipe
– giant Quiche (for postponed birthday party) made up as I go along, not sure whats its like (I hate that, its like playing russian roulette with my pastry making skills – or lack of)
– banana bread (for Saturday night visitors) rachel alens recipe
– 12 plain cupcakes (for postponed birthday party) another nigella effort

All this within the last week – and I still have at the very least, an onion tart to make.

So we (well mainly me), have been having a go at some natural homemade Christmas decorations this year. I like to include babe in the equation as, a) it gives me an excuse as to why they look so pants and, b) it is more likely that hubby will tolerate my shoddy craftmanship if I say that his darling daughter helped create them.

Mini natural garlands
Made by drying oranges and lemons on very low oven for 2/3hrs, drilling holes in walnuts (drill bit 5 or 6), emptying egg and spray painting gold, then stringing together with fir cones (some painted gold and bronze) with some sprigs of rosemary.

Sorry for the bad picture quality - this one resides in the bathroom

And this is what we did with the left over fir cones and cirtus fruit…


One thought on “Getting Ready for Christmas: Home Baking and Homemade Decorations

  1. Claire Duberry says:

    very tasteful! love the sprayed egg shell.

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