Pottyhood Part 7: Whoops She Does it Again

Potty training in your face!

Babe and I have been busy little bakers this last week, just check out my list in the blog post below. At the same time, we’ve been progressing on our pottyhood journey. Put these two together and you get some interesting results…what is that I can smell stinky? What is that dangling from your back-end stinky?

Have I whet your appetite to read on? Or maybe you’ll be thinking twice about accepting one of my cupcakes. If you feel the need to be informed about what doesn’t go into my food and can tolerate another poo story, please continue. Nope? Well stop now.

Baking and more
We were baking and babe didn’t want to wear trousers or a nappy. I’m cool with this, it means she can run and hop on the potty independently, that said,  it does entail a certain degree of risk. But I’m not averse to a bit of risk taking, so what the hell.

Babe was stood on the chair and some cake was undergoing the Kenwood whizzing treatment (she loves pressing the button on the food mixer). I roughly anticipated that she might be getting ready to emit the brown creation that she’s been working on over the last 24 hours, but my 6th senses are not that well honed on the timing bit yet. Anyways, I catch a whiff (in one of the rare moments that my sense of smell is working), and look round to see a big stinky dangler!

Quite relaxed (you know this is getting a bit routine for me), I pick her up and scuttle over to the potty in the hope that it holds strong. One foot away, and PLOP! On the carpet, grr!

How long is this potty training gonna take, was hoping to be home and dry for Christmas. Did you hear that sausage? Just a day to go?!


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