If I was a man I’d say I had flu over Christmas

[52/365] Man Flu

Image by Ben Dodson via Flickr

*Cough cough* (very bad chesty cough)…but I’m not a man!

I’d classify what I had instead as a virus, maybe of the cold nature. But it did come complete with raging high temperature, hot/cold sweats, nausea and aching bones. Internet sources clarified this for me stating that, as I was able to get out of bed this was not flu. Maybe I should have just stayed in bed and played the sympathy card? Damn it, why do mothers have to always get up and get on…we are our own worst enemies. Note to self, next time, lay it on thick and stay bed bound.

For months I’d been looking forward to Christmas with my family, but the dreaded ‘almost flu’ was not going to let me off lightly. First babe got it just before the long drive up country to see the family, making her the clingiest creature on earth. No one else was aloud a look in; she was only willing to share her gripeiness with me. Tell a lie, she did have a few good moments, but they were occasional and fleeting.

When we returned from our two/three days with family, we all got home totally drained, and I just couldn’t keep babe from constant napping in the day. I was relieved, I needed the rest too.

Then just to ensure that I would have full appreciation for her suffering, she gave it to me. So that explains my silence. But at last today I’m starting to feel semi normal again, back to work and back to blogging.

I hope your festive season didn’t go this sorry way, if it did, please share your woes so that we can wallow in self pity together.


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