Toddler Obsessed

I know this is not an anomaly limited to just my daughter, young children create a connection to ‘things’ and become somewhat obsessed and one-track-minded about them – but it doesn’t stop me getting a tad irritated by this behavior.

Babe currently has a selection of accessories that she must always have within her hands. Including her pink bracelet – thanks Tanya who donated this from her daughter’s new dressing up box to avert a drive-home toddler tantrum.  This goes everywhere with her, to the shops, in the bath, nearly down the toilet (caught in time)…the list goes on. If for some reason it should get mislaid, babe charges around the house bellowing “bracelet, bracelet”

I’m thinking this bleedin bracelet might have to get mislaid for good soon – to save the pain of potential loss further down the line. But in reality, I know the only way she would move on would be for me to buy her another.

The other day I caught her dragging it across my buttered and lemon curded toast – and then licking off the topping she had just skimmed. My toast was left rather bland 😦

In addition to this bracelet, babe also has a favorite hair bobble from a Christmas cracker (which she never wears in her hair), a hair clip (again which is only for holding not for its manufactured purpose) and one of her two favorite zippy tops. All these must go to bed with her (and me).

Come to night night num nums (bedtime nursing time) we both lie down on the bed and she gathers up all the favored possessions in her arms and tries to retain grip on all of them as she drinks and drifts off to sleep.

This morning I woke up with a bracelet in the crook of my back, a coin by my pillow and the hair accessories randomly strewn under the duvet.


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