Watching the birds waddle by

Babe is not the only one with obsessions in her life. I have my own little confession, of the bird watching sort. I’m NOT a twitchier, before you get any warped notions of the way I lead my life…and I am not a lesbian…so you can cut that one short too.

I’m talking about the feathered kind in my garden.  I’m kind of proud (and yet not at the same time), to report that I know about as much about birds as your average three-year old.

I can spot the red robin, cause it goes bob bob bobbin along…

The black bird (basically because it’s black)…

And I the rest of them I categorise as tits (maybe they are finches…not sure what one is really so a tit covers it).

Since the snow god cast his bountiful boughs of the white stuff on my garden in December, I took pity upon the poor birdies that might be in the neighborhood and fed them some of my left over coconut cake. Whoa, they loved that stuff; I didn’t actually realize we had real birds around here.

I was enraptured by the goings-on that sparked off in my garden, and since then have been a loyal feeder of the birds giving them left over bread, cake and popcorn etc. Not sure if this is all legit food sources, but I’ve not found any dead carcasses on the law yet.

A bird table remains on my January sales shopping list. OMG, did I say that? What about the new clothes, new purse I want, a new jacket? Nope, I want a bird table. I do fear that I am treading a fine line at the moment, just throwing food on the lawn – surely this might attract rats?!

I fell down the rat hole a couple of years back, but that was because we had a stream running along the back of the house and rats where clearly rife in the area. I wasn’t aware of this until hubby rang me up at work one day alarmed at the giant rat that was pawing at the patio doors to come in and share his chocolate bar. I had strict instructions from there on in, not to feed the birds.

We are in a smaller, hopefully more vermin free city now, and as of yet I’ve spotted no rats. And I would have seen them, in between doing work; I spend my day gazing out into the garden on birdie watch.

Not sure what you can say to all of that…suprise me with your comments.


2 thoughts on “Watching the birds waddle by

  1. Mark says:

    How about Dr. Dolittle… 🙂
    Solitude can get tough I guess, but nature is a wonderful thing. Just have to watch out for squirrels, foxes and hedgehogs too – we get them in our garden quite a lot. Used to drive our dog mad wanting to protect us from it all!!

  2. Jehefinner says:

    I’m exactly the same!!! Oh the shame!

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