Babywearing lifesaver moments

Sometimes I really wonder where we would be without babywearing babe as a toddler. At times it has been a real lifesaver.

1. Cooking
Cooking diner balancing a child on your hip can be a bit dicey at times, but with the Baby Ergo, I can just chuck her on my back and away we go. You do need to watch the flailing legs sometimes – and the odd wandering hand grabbing something off the side, but that comes with the territory – as a babywearing parent you get used to that kind of thing anyway.

2. Clingy moments
Babe can often be quite needy in terms of physical closeness, which I don’t think is such a bad thing – after all she is only two years old and she still spends quite a lot of time away from me while I’m working. There are times, when she just wants to be carried everywhere even when we are in the house. The other morning I found myself doing the ironing with her on my back, the perfect way to keep the wayward toddler under control!

3. Out for a walk
Babe is walking quite a lot now, but there is only so far her little legs can take. At the weekend we headed up to the forest for a poddle around the childrens trail. As it happened, she was not in the mood for walking at all, so we were able to put her on our fronts or backs and get around the trail in about half the time – result. It meant I actually had time to go to the supermarket afterwards!

4. Busy Christmas and January sales shopping
So you’ve tried navigating down the high street with a  buggy, and its a TOTAL nightmare. There is something inside my head that is crying out at me saying “charge, full steam ahead”. But I’m just a tiny bit too polite for that. It’s a stress you really don’t need to add. The carrier has been a godsend during December and January for any trips into town, and its small enough to bag up and carry when she wants to have a little poddle.

So as you can see, my love affair with babywearing remains strong.


3 thoughts on “Babywearing lifesaver moments

  1. Barbs says:

    Hurrah, I am glad you advocate baby carrying as some people are just so rude with buggies – saturday someone ran over my foot with one and never apologised despite my best efforts to get out of their way! Besides think about the extra calories burnt carrying around your babe – surely that helps with an extra chocolate bickie or two / 10 mins less in the gym…

  2. Barbs says:

    Oh and also this must also help with keeping them out of harms way, hence less worry.

  3. Jehefinner says:

    I have carried my girls in my huggababy right up til they were 4. As you say, when little legs get tired a sling helps you to carry them easily and comfortably for you both. Even my mesh sling (which scrunched up really small) has saved my arms/back when little people are feeling the need to be carried. I can’t remember the last time I folded a buggy and put it in my car!!

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