Pottyhood Part 10: Dry dry dry

Yeah hey, babe is back on the wagon and doing better than ever with the potty/toilet training. I haven’t had to catch a poo (read my mama catcher post here) or scrub accidents off the carpet in a good couple of days. In fact, babe has been in underwear and there have been no accidents since Monday evening – not even at night time.

I am writing this gloating post with caution
I know how quickly progress on potty training can back track, but please just let me enjoy the glory for a few more moments. Our regression over the Christmas holidays (and well into last week) was getting me down, we had come so far. In usual mama self reflection blame style, I was scorning upon myself for somehow not doing a better job – I know it’s not me with the nappy, but still.

At the weekend she began to pick up progress again in a big way
And she’s versatile too. Will go on the potty, the Potette (travel potty) with and without a bag or as a seat, and is also happy to perch on the edge of the adult loo seat. Mind you, she did nearly drop down it to join her number two the other night – I had been summoned to go get a book to read while she finished her ablutions.

As for night times
We have been dry for well over a week and that was only broken up by one small incident. But I remain cautious, at the moment babe has been co-sleeping with me pretty much every night, so I am totally adamant that she puts on her night time nappy before clamoring into my bed. I don’t want to wake up to any wet patches, which no doubt would infiltrate into the smallest edge of the bed that I perch on (she likes to sprawl in the middle and then keep encroaching on my personal space).

Babe hogging the bed with braclet, bunny and Duplo pig

So I ask you to send babe dry comments and thoughts, so that I don’t have to do anymore nappy washing.



2 thoughts on “Pottyhood Part 10: Dry dry dry

  1. Doodlemum says:

    Aaah it wont be long now. Evie is three and had been out of nappies since June. She is still wearing nappies to bed and that’s ok as Gruff is in nappies as hes 14 months so my bucket of nappies is never empty!

    • Well she is definately becoming more proactive about asking to go to the potty/toilet, which I think is the next big hurdle.

      And fortunately no accidents at night yet – thankgoodness because she has been snuggling up to me quite a bit in the night.

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