The Theme Tune to My Life Right Now: The Wombles

One of the Wombles; Bungo, in UK Television se...

Image via Wikipedia

Do you remember the 1990s TV program called the Wombles? Sorry if you’re not in the UK, this is likely to mean very little (if anything to you). If you go along to YouTube you can check out some of the episodes.

The theme tune is now so deeply etched in my brain I think I may just start to grow a long snout and begin collecting litter. I found a Wombles book in the stash my mum recently donated to babe, and started singing the song to her as we leafed through the book.

Then hey, brains of Britain here decided…

Wouldn’t it be a great idea to search for the theme tune on YouTube.

Why oh why, did I let myself forget the obessesive musical loving nature of a toddler?

I cannot recount how many times we have watched and listened to this over the weekend. In fact I nearly know all the words, and it’s got quite a few verses.

Here is the link – enjoy!


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