What’s Your Best Multitasking Parenting Moment?

Scottish shortbread fingers.

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If you weren’t half good at multitasking before you had children, I’m betting that you are now. And you most likely have some great juggling stories to tell.

If you’ve got more than one child or pets in the equation, you are going to beat me hands-down.

My ability to reflect back more than a week ago is failing me at the moment, so the best I can offer is  a this example. I know I’ve done better, but cripes, I can’t for the life of me recall theses instances now.

The juggle

I’d just picked babe up from the child minders and received a text from my colleague/friend in America asking her to call to discuss some pressing work items. So I took the chance while giving babe her regular home coming num nums (nursing) to make that call. If I was in luck, we would be able to chat in relative peace and quiet .

 Then it suddenly dawned on me, we were supposed to be having homemade pizza for tea (we had pretty much nothing else in the cupboards and all other options involved defrosting). I knew time was getting on and I needed to get the ingredients for the dough in the bread maker asap.

So I nudged babe off my knee with the lure of baking, and she scuttled to the kitchen. I grabbed the kitchen chair to position her next to the surface so that she could ‘help’ and ‘observe’. Better described as ‘cause chaos’ by getting flour, yeast and sugar everywhere.

Instead she managed to locate the box of shortbread biscuits and proceeded to polish them off. The healthy eating mother in me scorned on letting her do this, the muli-tasker, working mother told herself ‘hey ho, it’s keeping her quiet’.

It meant that I could crack on with my measuring, while talking business, and hoping to and from my laptop to search my ‘sent’ items to resolve whom that current action item was with.

On this occasion this multitasking arrangement worked ok, the pizza dough rose as it should, I was able to resolve those urgent business items and babe did not go into a meltdown moment. The only bad bit was that we had no shortbread left and a sugared up child!


2 thoughts on “What’s Your Best Multitasking Parenting Moment?

  1. Mark Nash says:

    Going off on a tangent you reviewed a baby carrier on another website but said that you had since tried other slings – which would you now recommend, please?

    • I still havnt yet had chance to review other carriers for toddlers. If you want some good advice contact Debi at slumberoo or Anabelle at The Natural Nursery. I have bought slings from them both and found their advice so helpful.

      I personally love the Baby Ergo for my toddler. There is big following of supporters out there.

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