How easy it is to take something for granted

I’m right aren’t I? We take our health for granted (expect for all the bothersome colds I’m always groaning on about). But it’s easy to forget how easily everything can be thrown out of kilter at just the smallest thing.

My smallest thing is a special brace that I wear at night for my obstructive sleep apnea, and I’d forgotten how dependant I am on this until it broke as I fell into bed feeling exhausted after a hectic week. And try as I might, there was no fixing it.

Typical, this happened on a Friday night. Why not the night before so I didn’t have to wait the whole weekend to get an emergency appointment for a repair?!

I did contemplate a late night super glue effort, but I couldn’t risk ruining it all together – it takes a whole month for them to make me a customized brace from scratch!

Get your ear plugs everyone, the monster snorer had arrived!
Even babe, who has been co-sleeping with me quite a lot, chose to wriggle over to the far reaches of the bed rather than snuggle up to mummy.

I reached Monday morning exhausted
…only to hear that the next available appointment with one of the only two specialists in the South West was on Friday afternoon. OMG, I couldn’t possibly wait until Friday. I think the lady sensed my despair and explained that they could squeeze me in at noon.

I wasn’t sure I could make it in time. The trip to the hospital is nearly 100 miles away and hubby had the car at work. I rang him up and broke down in tears as I babbled out the story and need for the car. This pathetic woman routine didn’t go down well – basically it didn’t inspire him with the confidence that I was fit to drive all that way up the motorway. Bless him, he did offer to drive – but I insisted that I had just been experiencing a hormonal moment (yes I confess I played the hormone card) and could drive myself.

Panic over, credit to the guys at the dental hospital, I am back to enjoying a quieter more restful night’s sleep. ZZzzzzzzzzzzz


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