Old before her time – long book reading sessions on the toilet

Babe awaiting her book

Babe, now 2yrs and 2mths, has already discovered the joys of sitting on the toilet and reading a good book. She is way too old before her time, but sadly not old enough to do this in peaceful silence on her own. I’m usually ordered to take a seat upon her pink Peppa Pig step stool and then beconned back and forth to keep the reading matter fresh.

When there’s a BIG job to be done this gal ain’t gonna rush. She is determined to give it the time required. I am thankful in many ways, because she has got past the stage of doing the ‘poo dance’ accompanied by wailing and moaning for an hour prior to the BIG drop.

And we’ve got past the stage when she would only poo in mummies hand – read my post called ‘mama the poopey catcher’ for more details on that if you dare!

The timing is often the crapiest thing, as it’s often just as the dinner has been put on the table. Then hubby and I have to take turns to be on toilet duty as our food goes cold, or we eat rushed so the other half can come eat before my rotten food has conjealed and turned into one solid block.

Roll on the days when she can slope off to the toilet and keep herself occupied. This is a parental job I won’t be missing when she’s flown the nest!


We shouldnt be made to feel guilty about breastfeeding our toddlers

Breastfeeding symbol

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A mother who breastfeeds her toddler understands that this does not come without mainstream critism and raised eye brows. And I’ll bet that for this very reason she’s pretty up to speed with all the scientific evidence of the benefits that support breastfeeding beyond a year.

I personally appreciate that many don’t know these facts, so it’s easy to think the practice is a bit odd, because its not widely adopted within Western society. But what I dislike the most is being made to feel guilty for not wanting to give it up. Almost like I’m being accused of being selfish and wanting to force my child into continuing to nurse.

I don’t want to give up nursing my toddler it’s true. I cherish that special quiet time we have together.

But more importantly I want her to make the choice as to when SHE is ready. Not me, not family, not observers and not uninformed medical professionals. Luckily I have had no problems with the later, in fact my own family doctor is totally supportive and delightful about it. But I know mums who have had issues.

If you’re are a skeptic, I ask that if it really bothers you maybe you’d like to dig up the scientific research and see if you still then disagree?

If you are curious, please be kind with your words of enquiry and do not be acusing.

If you are a supporter, please by vocal but not patronising.

Above all please respect a mothers decision to make her own choices as to what she feel is right for her child. Respect the differences and respct the boundaries.

eBay Adrenalin Buzz

The headquarters of eBay in San Jose, Californ...

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There is something about the thrill of the final 10 minutes of bidding on an eBay item that could make it totally addictive, wether you’re a seller or buyer. I’ll confess to getting a real buzz from those final few moments of frantic bidding, even if it is only an item that I pay £3.39 for – what a bargain!

Even better if I’m selling an expensive item and the bids jump up by £10 everytime you refresh your page!

The adrenalin is amazing, talk about a cheap thrill. Guess it’s not always so cheap if you get carried away. Think there might be a message in that statement somewhere 😉

The other night just before bed I snuggled up with my iPhone to watch the final 9 minutes 37 seconds pass by on a brand new top that I had the winning bid on at £2.20. I’d been gazumped only a few days earlier in the last 10 seconds on a skirt I really liked. The bitches weren’t gonna catch me out this time! Some one tried, the cow, but I held back to the final few seconds to reclaim the winning position. Woo hoo, MINE, all MINE. I went to sleep a happy lady basking in the glory of my bargain. And to my pleasure when it arrived it was fab too!

I wouldn’t have been without eBay for buying my washable nappies (not pre pooped it’s ok, they were new). And buying new clothes from shops I know are spot on with their sizing.

There’s no denying that I’ve made some mistakes too. What looks like it will make me look stylish in the picture has brandished me with chavy chick-et look in reality. Or it simply doesn’t fit!

What have been your most momentous eBay moments?

Like water off a ducks back – overused warnings of parental caution

I’m going to touch on this briefly, maybe it will spark off some debate – and then again maybe not.

Personally I’m not a big fan of over cautious parenting, I believe in the importance of letting your child learn (within reason) from their own mistakes and experiences. I’m not a big fan of repeated statements like “be careful” and “slow down” unless they are really needed.

If my child is as bloody minded as me, these statements quickly wear thin and become meaningless. Yes, I do exercise caution, but when I do vocalise warnings I want them to be listened to and taken seriously.

The other day babe was running along quite fast, and I let her. Yes I knew there was a risk of her stumbling and falling, but she knows that too. And she knew it even better a minute later when she did fall over. I was not hoping for that outcome, but yet at the same time, I know its part of growing up and learning consequences. Someone I know told me that they would have told her to slow down…I don’t agree. If she was running down a hill full pelt and the risk of injury from a fall could have been serious, I would have got vocal. Instead she got a graze on the head, a bitten tongue, grubby clothes and a handful of tears.

Well I’m only on the start of my parenting journey, and I’d like to think I’m not one to make judgements (but I do, we all do). And I do wonder, sometimes why some kids don’t listen to their parents – is this something contributing to that?

OK I give in: toddler gets a make-over

New coat, new shoes and new hair cut

Ever go along to the shoe shop to have your child’s feet measured and realise that their feet have now grown into huge pig trotters? Mmm, this was me at the weekend. I was riddled with guilt.

Saturday turned out to be a proper treat day for babe. It started off with her first hair cut. We went all-out and paid for the ‘first hair cut experience’ at the children’s hair dressers in town. It was OK, but a tad over priced for a trim – I think hubby was expecting the lady to be able to do a real make-over on the straggly mullet. But bless her, babe has still a lot of catching up to do, and there is only so much you can do with curly scrag-ends.

New Shoes
Then it was off to Clarks to get the trotters measured. Her shoes had not felt particularly tight and there had been no complaints, but still there was something niggling away telling us to get them checked out. And it turns out that her feet had jumped from a size 5.5 to a 7. I felt sooo guilty. Apparently the leather on her old shoes was quite stretchy so won’t have caused any damage. But I still felt like a really bad mother. Lucky for us, she has narrow feet so only one pair was suitable – and that was the first pair we tried on.

Babe remained a little reluctant to put away her old shoes, but the flashing lights on the new pair soon convinced her of their superiority. Yes I know, I’ve succumbed to letting my child have flashing lights on her shoes. I hear that if you immerse them in water they cease to work though, so it’s not for ever (or even the short life time of the shoe).

New Coat
The next stop was to buy a new water proof (or at least resistant) coat. A suitable item was spotted so babe tried it on. We also found an alternative, but babe was not impressed. She refused point blank to try on the yellow sowester type thing. We also attempted to get her into the 3-4 year old coat (to potentially get another year out of it), but she was not going to fall for that one.

“What! My cheap-scape parents are thinking about not buying me a new coat in a year’s time? Well I’m having none of it.” 

Well she struggles to put two words together, let alone a long sentence like that – but I KNOW that’s what she was thinking!

Even after a wrestle on the floor, I knew that defeat was not going to be worth it. Besides the pink 2-3 year old coat was perfect. The decision was made, I yanked off the label, paid and babe was soon to be proudly walking down the street in her new coat and new shoes.

…the very coat and shoes she has worn ALL weekend – except for in the bath and bed. Yes, I do have SOME boundaries you know 😉

Babe gets in a ‘mummy must suffer mood’

Babe has been totally adorable the last week, but this morning didn’t go so smoothly. Highlights: taking forever for her to get dressed and watching Rabbit spin around in the washing machine for 15 minutes.

My toddler of 2yrs 2 months in the relative world of toddlers has been a delight within the last week. This morning we had a little glitch.

I went upstairs at just gone 8am to wake babe and found her at the top of the stairs in her sleeping bag sat huddled over looking rather sorry for herself. I wondered, how long had she been sat there without calling out for me? Had she called out for me and I not heard downstairs while working? I immediately felt guilty, so scooped her up for a big mama hug and she started sobbing. Argh bless, my little baby.

This seemed to put her in a stroppy, ‘mummy must suffer mood’ all morning. It took me about an hour to persuade to her the merits of changing out of her nightgown into her T shirt, trousers and jumper. It was still a half battle in the end.

Then it came to putting Rabbit in the washing machine. OMG, that thing is so dirty. And it sleeps in my bed with babe and me – yuk!

I had tried the gentle explanation approach but was running out of patience. I wanted to get the washing machine on. So I just grabbed Rabbit, shoved her in the machine, wacked the door shut and turned it on.

I knew this would not go down well, but I didn’t anticipate having to sit in front of the washing machine for 15 minutes to watch Rabbit go round and around, and around…

Just as we left to go to the childminders her mood picked up, hmm bad timing babe, bad timing.

At Work: The New Silence Unnerves Me

A SUBWAY Club 6" sandwich.

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Yesterday I went into the office – as you know I work out of my home office (kitchen table) most of the time. But duty calls, and on this occasion excitingly it was to pick up my new (about time too) laptop.

There have been some significant layout changes in the office that have seen my spacious window seat (with extra leg room), being replaced with a desk in the middle of the room at the T junction of a major walkway, facing lots of unnervingly quiet software support guys. My work station, should you wish to term it that, is about as public as it gets. I shouldn’t moan cause I’m not a permanent office resident, but I will anyway…

Unnerving silence
I have my back to the gaggle that I usually enjoy a good bit of unpolitically correct, dirty minded banter with. The silence around me really does unsettle me. I can’t get away with talking endlessly away to myself without only my closest desk buddy knowing. And he’s used to it now (I think).

Onto the events of the day. I’d got myself all set up and a call came in from one of the most tenacious advertising sales guys out. I was in no mood for him to preach that he knew my marketing objectives and target audience better than I! I started off patient, but was soon starting to get to the end of my tether.

All the time I was conscious that the whole room could hear me. Finally I got short and gave him an ultimatum, to send me an email. I slammed the phone down and blurted out forgetting my new office companions and exclaimed rather too loud “f£&!ing hell, some people”. Immediately I felt guilty and muttered a meek apology of swearing too loud, but then continued to have a moan to my colleague about the sheer audacity of the said individual from a transport publication I shall not name. Later I realised he had forgotten to take my email address, ha ha!

Lunch mistake
I’d concluded that sitting at my desk to gobble down my delivered sandwich was not an option, and besides I needed some fresh air because:

a) I felt a bit crappy and…
b) I needed to get out the room, all my pals had gone off to lunch so there wouldn’t be any banter to hang around for either.

So off I toddled to walk around the business park and eat my beef and salad, soaked in mayo Subway roll. I’d decided as it was so cold, to eat on the go, rather than sit down and get frostbite. All was well until I looked down and saw that the mayo had gone rogue, and had made a delightful pattern all the way down the front of my (used to be) smart black coat. How long had I been walking along in this state? I got on cleaned it up and merrily went on my way, pondering how much I love my home office. Until I discovered that my clean up operation had been half-cocked, more mayo. Where were the babywipes when I needed them? Grrr.

Its training honest
I returned from my 15 minute messy sandwich eating walk and decided that I would take advantage of the high bandwidth in the office and download a load of videos and PPTs on blogging from a recent virtual conference I’ve signed up to not attend (it would involve me getting up at midnight to participate live). Once downloaded it gives you the option to open the file, which I did – to my peril. The sound was turned up loud on my new laptop and proceeded to boom out over the office.

GLARES from everywhere (my pals were still at lunch, they wouldn’t have scorned). I apologised again (come on you spineless woman) and announced that “its ok, its training” – how lame does that sound? But it was true. Problem was, someone thought I said “its ok its Tony” and then asked me who Tony was. Arghhhhhh! Do I sounds that nasally at the moment?

Homeward bound
I was glad the child minder needed me to pick babe up at her usual time, rather than later as I’d orginally asked (so I could have a longer day in the office). I then enjoyed a nice ride home listening to the radio and pondering about life. I’d just picked babe up, was putting her in the car, when she announced “Poo poo”. I asked her to wait till we got home, just five minutes away. I fastened her securely in the car seat and then discovered that no amount of waiting was going to make a blind bit of difference, the deed had been done. Arghhh..pooy pants!

I’m glad to be working from my home office today, where I can mutter and cutter away to myself without a care in the world. Where I can play training movies as loud as I like. And where I can use a plate to eat my sarni off and only have to worry about the birds outside watching me drop that cucumber from the corner of my mouth.