A Great Day Out

Last weekend we had a full social calendar. I know, can you believe it?! These words usually break out in a rash in each other’s proximity. So much so that hubby and I chose to take the day off on Friday to do the week’s worth of resting because we are not adjusted to this fast paced social world. 

I’ll talk about our great day out doing lunch and viewing tents on Saturday later on in the week. This blog post is dedicated to Sunday, which brought babe (and us too) one of the best days out we’ve had in ages.

Location: Bicton Park Botanical Gardens

Crew: the four Ds and two toddlers

Yes, that’s hubby n me (D&D) and friends (also D&D). The fact that all our first names begin with D is not the confusing bit. It’s the fact that both blokes/dads have the same name. So it usually goes something like this “no I meant my D, not you,” and lots of Italian hand waving jestures.

The two toddlers, babe and our friend’s adorable litte boy, are both recently potty trained, so we had yet more fun and confusion there. Both managed to get so excited and preoccupied that at one point or another they needed a change of ‘bottoms’.

But its days like this that I’m thankful for really good friends, the kind that make you feel totally relaxed and chilled out no matter what the hiccup.

In fact, I have never seen babe quite so confident. I know our friends little boy, who is nearly one year older than her, played a big part in this. He is a very gentle sensitive boy, but fun loving at the same time – a perfect mix in my book.

Babe at Bicton Park Botanical Gardens

Where was I going with this post, I’m not sure, just to share with you a nice little story about our Sunday I guess.


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