The Juggling Chaos Turning Me Blonde

Right now my life feels like I’m struggling to keep all the odd shaped juggling balls in the air.

Don’t open that cupboard
At home, the house is not doing so well. Come visit and it looks fine, but open any of the cupboard doors and the chaos is revealed. The linen cupboard has got out of hand, there are just remnants of the orderly piles that once were, as I’ve taken a “shove it in and scarper” approach. The kitchen cupboards have fallen into turmoil, with the sugar pot placed next to the tins. The trash cleaning zone under the sink, well I’ve never really sought order there anyway. It’s always been a lost cause! There are piles of papers that still need to be filed, toilets to clean and the list goes on…but I can say that I did manage to do a bit of dusting at the weekend – I couldn’t bear it anymore, two weeks of household dust was driving me nuts.

Winging it at work
I seem to have so many projects that I’m involved with at the moment, I’m struggling to keep up. Some one asked me the other day, “are you sure you’re not blonde”. He’s a bit of a cheeky sod, so I didn’t take it to heart to much. But it got to me, just a wee bit. It’s not that I don’t like blonde hair, it’s the connotations associated with it that bugs me ie ‘dizzy’. I don’t think the associations of being sexy currently apply in my state – pale (god I need some sun) and just not my best.

The babe
Actually she is faring very well in all of this chaos, perhaps because I put her as the #1 priority. Who gives a damn about the cupboards, it’s more important as a full time working mother that I give her proper quality time when we get the chance. Although I do give a damn, but not enough…

But there is no getting away from it, the juggling is getting me down a bit right now. I know things will ease off in a couple of months, so until then I resign to being classified as blonde!


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