The Price We’ll Pay for a Few Minutes Peace

Marker pens

Image by Khairil Zhafri via Flickr

I’m knackered, I need more sleep and babe needs entertaining…you might resort to tv, somehow we’ve not caught onto that yet. Instead we do ‘drawey’ better known to you and me as drawing, or random squiggling and scrawling!

Luckily I have a marble-topped table, so scrawls all over the surface do not bother me, it’s when I realise that she has put felt tip pen all over the cream chair seat that I break out into a hot flush.

You might suspect that these chairs were purchases made long before children even entered our minds, and you’d be right. The cream is stained and I think come a couple of years time, I’m going to have to get them some nice brown covers. Brown is good in my book – the muck and stains don’t show up so much. Luckily the pen is washable, yes I did have enough forethought to consider that one.

Purchasing those pens was one of those moments when I reflected back to my own childhood. My mum and my sister would relish reminding me of the time I toffee hammered the hall wall and then coloured the dots in – god I hope babe never stoops to the lows I did when I was her age.

And like the time my sister told me not to pee in her favorite yellow bucket, and then what did I do? Yep, she was fuming. But me, I was reveling in the fact that I had been the one in control of the situation, over my sister four-plus years the senior of me.

We are all looking for short cuts to get a few minutes peace with the kids, what are your suggestions?

Maybe you’ve got some stories to share of when you took your eye off the ball and paid the price?


2 thoughts on “The Price We’ll Pay for a Few Minutes Peace

  1. I would never spend money on something so ridiculous, but since I nanny (and it’s free and will eventually disappear) we have a excer-saucer for my 7-month old. The minute you put her in it she starts bouncing and and playing with the 500 toys attached to it. If I can disappear while she’s still entranced by the jingling, rattling mess, she’ll be happy for almost an hour. Sweet Bliss!

  2. Barbs says:

    Ohh my little yellow bucket… Hope you get some rest soon love B

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